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VIC: Make your vote count for animals.

VIC: Make your vote count for animals.

Posted 26 November 2014   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: politics, election, Victoria

If you're a Victorian, and have turned 18, you'll be rocking up to the voting booths at some point this Saturday. I know you care about animals and want them to be heard in Government. So we've put together a handy guide which shows which parties have which policies for animals. (Phew. That was a lot of whiches.)


Sorry. Tangent. Back to politics.

Click here for the lowdown on where parties in the
Victorian election stand on animal welfare.

If you're not yet old enough to vote, no probs. There are 4 animal issues that are in the political spotlight at the moment and your voice can make a huge difference. I've listed the issues and how you can take action below :)

Thanks for being a voice for animals!

Puppy factories
Discover the truth about where pet shop puppies come from ...
Make the pledge to always adopt rather than buy companion animals

Duck shooting
Ask the SA, Tas, Vic and NT Governments to ban duck shooting

Jumps racing
Urge SA and Vic to ban cruel jumps racing
Pledge to never bet on racing while horses die

Factory farming
Ask Hungry Jacks to join Macca's and Subway and ditch cage eggs
Pledge to save animals every day by taking them off your plate

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