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VIDEO: This is how you helped animals in 2014!

VIDEO: This is how you helped animals in 2014!

Posted 23 December 2014   by Jesse         Permalink | 1 Comment

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Have I told you how amazing you are lately? Why? Because this is what you helped us achieve in 2014...

So thank you for every letter you sent, friend you informed, petition you signed, and rally you attended. You've helped transform the lives of countless animals this year. So I'm just going to leave this here...


If you want to make 2015 even bigger for animals, here are 2 simple ways you can have a big impact:

1. Join the Unleashed Action Team so you can help stand up for animals with us.

Super hero cats.

2. Try vegan in January to save lives and stop cruelty.


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Lyn Haywood McGuire Lyn Haywood McGuire 9 February 2015
If we can do it in Australia, we can do it in America, please help stop the cruelty in America!! Everyone can do their part in stopping the abuse to animals. Start buying brown eggs (cage free), pick up a phone when you know of animal abuse or neglect, and adopt a pet from your local shelter, before their lives are ended. You can report animal abuse anonymously! Get involved and help change the world we live in!  love paw
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