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Puppy factories exposed on national TV!

Puppy factories exposed on national TV!

Posted 27 March 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: Know Your Best Friend, dogs, puppy factories, adopt, TV, ad, Animals Australia

It's an exciting time here at Animals Australia because we have just launched our biggest puppy factory campaign EVER! Dogs in puppy factories will finally have a voice on national TV and on bus stops in Melbourne and Sydney.

Watch the 1 minute TV ad: [There's some sad footage of dogs in puppy factories in this vid so please don't watch if you think it will upset you.]

I can remember the very first time I learnt that most dogs sold online and in pet shops come from places where their mothers may spend their whole lives locked up and never know what it feels like to be loved. I was shocked. And saddened. The most shocking part -- it's actually legal to force dogs to live like this. 

I swore that I would never ever support puppy factories.

The best thing you can do to help end puppy factories is to adopt your future dog from a shelter. That way you not only give a dog in need the love he or she deserves, but you also help reduce the demand for puppies to be bred (which is what puppy factories thrive on).


To find out more about puppy factories and how you can help end them check out And keep your eye out for the TV ad and bus stop posters :)

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Mike Le Mike Le 31 March 2015
Good Post dear
You can Help me share this to everyone who love dogs and who can Adopt dogs. I think that  message can help all dogs find a home . Hope can Share and like to all
via Unleashed

Abbiero Abbiero 6 April 2015
I'm so happy that this was aired on tv. My mum refuses to watch this ad again when it comes on now, it's just too upsetting for her. Even got my family talking of taking a trip to the shelter to adopt a new friend just before Easter! happy
via Unleashed

providence providence 16 April 2015
Please stop and think before getting a puppy from the hell of a production line.Support your local shelter/RSPCA where you will find your pet who will repay you a million times over with love,devotion and loyalty.
via Unleashed


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