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A never before seen look inside a hatchery

A never before seen look inside a hatchery

Posted 27 October 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: chickens, broilers, factory farming, Anonymous, video

You may be aware that male chicks born into the egg industry are killed since they can't lay eggs. But did you know that countless chicks born into the meat industry are also killed on their first day of life, if they are deemed 'unsuitable' to join the 'growers'? And as for the 'growers' -- they're thrown into a life of fear, confusion, suffering and ultimately an early death.

In a world first, Anonymous for Animal Rights have shown us inside a broiler hatchery in Israel through the eyes of a chicken. Everything shown in this footage is common practice (and legal) in Australia too.

WARNING: This video contains graphic vision. Please watch at your own discretion.

Of the billions of chicks born into this world because of humans, almost none of them will ever meet their mothers. Mother hens, when allowed to live naturally, have been found to form a bond with and communicate to their young before they've even hatched! And scientists have found that chickens have the ability to share learnings from one generation to the next.

It saddens me to think that the path we have chosen as a society denies us the opportunity to really know some of the animals we share this planet with. For many humans the main interaction with chickens and other animals bred for meat is as body parts on a supermarket shelf. When we turn to the other animals in our lives -- our pets -- we cringe at the thought of killing and eating them. Many who have been lucky enough to get to know chickens have found them (like cats and dogs) to be infinitely unique in their personalities. Some are shy, some are social. Some are active while others prefer dozing in the sun.


But no matter their personalities, chickens born onto a meat farm have only one of two grim fates -- death by maceration or gassing in their first days of life, or death at a slaughterhouse 5-7 weeks later, when they're likely too big for their young legs to hold them up, thanks to breeding. We need only to look to children to see that the way we treat animals on a mass scale today, is contrary to our true nature. One of my favourite quotes goes like this:

"You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car." - Harvey Diamond

We have come a long way down the path of cruelty, perhaps because we have had less opportunity to see the truth than we do now. But as more and more people see for themselves what happens to animals behind closed doors, (thanks to organisations like Anonymous) the trend towards kinder choices grows. If you're ready to join the movement and change direction, it all starts with what you're having for dinner tonight.


P.S. Chickens are just one of many species who humans have an impact on on a daily basis without ever actually getting to know any of them. Click here to meet the animals.

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I am ashamed to call myself human! Most humans are heartless monsters, I was raised a vegan and will die a vegan and will do my best whatever it takes, to stop this barbaric brutality!
via Unleashed

Lu Lu 13 November 2015
Caroline's comment before mine sums up how I feel. I am so proud to be a vegan and  don't care what anyone thinks. It surprises me though how so many intelligent people can be so ignorant of animal cruelty
via Unleashed

FreeTheAnimals101 FreeTheAnimals101 15 November 2015
This is barbaric. Gosh and people say they are just animals. These people are acting like animals.
via Unleashed

reddapanda reddapanda 2 December 2015
This was really well done and powerful. I don't think many people realise this is what goes on. Or if they do, don't really think about it (understandably really, so much). Seeing it from the chick's eye view, yeah. F'n sad! That's all they get! Born, then a ride down a dizzying conveyer belt and then - squash.
via Unleashed


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