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15 reasons to try vegan this January

15 reasons to try vegan this January

Posted 27 November 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Veganuary, vegan, food

I don't know about you but January always kind of creeps up on me. Where did the year go? But not this time! Because January is now Veganuary ... and I am so excited!

The Veganuary team have asked us to be their Aussie partner and we'd love you to join us to kick off 2016 in a big way for animals. Veganuary is all about giving vegan food a go for the month of Jan – no pressure, just yummy, cruelty-free food.


If that's not enough to get you pumped, here's 15 more reasons to try vegan this January :)

1. So that you can swap recipes with Ellen when you meet her.


2. To protect animals.


3. And the planet.

(Because less cows for meat and dairy equals less harmful gases in the atmosphere.)

4. To see your grandma's face do this when you tell her.


5. And your vegan friend do this.


6. To save calves from becoming a 'waste product'.

WARNING: This video contains cruelty to calves :(

7. So that you can experiment with cashew cheese.


8. And cashew cheese cake! (Like this lime and mango one.)


9. Because it's like giving a chicken a virtual hug.


10. To stop day old male chicks from being killed by the egg industry.


11. Because tofu scramble.


12. To reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


13. Because there is a delicious cruelty-free alternative to all your favourite foods. Srsly, vegan sausages, pizza, chocolate, pies ... even 'fish' fingers!


14. You'll get to lol hard at things like this:

15. And last but not least ... so that you can find out what it really means to be in love ... with hummus.

Mmmmm ... hummus ... So what do you reckon? Can I count you in for Veganuary 2015?


P.S. Know another good reason to try vegan that I've missed? Share it below.

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Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 9 January 2015
dammit, i really wish i could, i'm an ovo vegetarian and i went vegan for a week but then my father found out yesterday and says i would shame my chickens i have asked him THREE times and he still says no.
please tell me how come everyone else go's vegan and i can't, he thinks veganuary is a bad idea and called me a baby.
i reckon he is the baby for not letting me go vegan for
via Unleashed

mandy-lou mandy-lou 20 January 2015
Already a vegan. FOR LIFE.
via Unleashed

ReshiramWillNPit ReshiramWillNPit 4 December 2015
Another good reason to be vegan: You'll feel totally good about yourself!
via Unleashed

elvirakatelin elvirakatelin 13 December 2015
via Unleashed

wchau wchau 4 February 2016
People who can't go vegan have not made the connection of the realisation of the deep pain that animals endure in factory farms.

The saying goes -
A person who goes vegan easily is thinking about the animals.. a person who can't is thinking about themself.
via Unleashed

Margaret10 Margaret10 3 March 2016
It is so wonderful. Mire & more people are taking responsibility for those "less" than us.  Of course Vegan.
via Unleashed

JoseVegan JoseVegan 12 December 2016
Hi there
would be the same for 2017?
anyone knows?
via Unleashed


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