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Einstein gets a life jacket :)

Einstein gets a life jacket :)

Posted 13 November 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: fish, cute, amazing, companion animals

Have you ever had a sick pet? It can be utterly heartbreaking. Leighton Naylor was devastated when his goldfish Einstein got an illness that affected his swim bladder, making it impossible for him to swim anymore. He would just sink to the bottom, stuck on his side.

“He just looked depressed,” says Naylor. “I thought I’m going to have to do something about this.”

So he used some recycled tubing to make a flotation device just for little Einstein. Now... well, just look at him:


The best thing about this story is that every animal deserves kindness, no matter how small or scaly or different from us they might be. And Einstein was lucky enough to get just that :)

I know that, like Naylor, you’ve been going out of your way to help animals. So what’s something kind you’ve done to make a difference for animals? Pop your story in the comments below.

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5 animals ready to help Rudolph this Xmas.

5 animals ready to help Rudolph this Xmas.

Posted 16 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Christmas, cats, birds, dogs, amazing

Every year Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has the stress-filled job of guiding Santa's sleigh to make sure kids everywhere get their pressies. He's about due for a break don't you think? So here are five animals who could fill in for him with the amazing ability to find their way, no matter where they are.


1. Howie the cat. Howie's Adelaide family left him with caretakers on the Gold Coast when they went travelling. Unfortunately, Howie made a break for it and it was feared that he would never be seen again. Fast forward a year and there's Howie sitting on the doorstep ... in Adelaide. The persistent Persian had travelled over 1500 kms to get home. And didn't use Google Maps once!

turtle-loggerhead.jpg 2. Loggerhead turtles. As well as having a great name, these turtles also have a great sense of direction. After birth, these guys hit the water and start an epic journey that takes them around the ocean. When they are ready to have their own babies, females return to the same beach where they were born more than 20 years earlier! Think of that next time you forget where you put your keys five minutes ago :P
dog-blind-dog.jpg 3. Chica the border collie. A dog playing fetch is pretty cool, but a blind dog playing fetch?? That's awesome. Chica had both eyes surgically removed when she was a pup, but still has the remarkable ability to chase a ball and return it. Check her out in action ...

cat-ginger.jpg 4. Misele the cat. Determined to help her human-dad when he was admitted to hospital, Misele crossed fields, forests and highways to visit him in hospital. Not only did she find the hospital he was in, she even found the right room! If laughter is the best medicine, then cats would have to be a close second.
bird-parakeet.jpg 5. Piko-chan the lazy parakeet. When Piko-chan got lost one day, rather than trying to find his own way home, he simply squawked out his full address and got his rescuers to drop him off. I like the way you think, Piko-chan! The brainy bird had been taught how to recite his home address in case an emergency like this ever happened.

There you have it - five animals who would be ready to step up so Rudolph can take a break. OK, maybe four - Piko-chan might not be the greatest help in the world. But I bet you could teach him swear words, and that would definitely help create holiday cheer over Xmas lunch!

This Christmas, you can give animals the best present of all - by extending peace and goodwill to ALL, and making your meals cruelty-free. Find out more at the Unleashed Pardon a Pig page. There's even some cool e-cards there you can send out to your friends and family!

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Dogs pass driving test!

Dogs pass driving test!

Posted 12 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: dogs, pet overpopulation, adopt, amazing, rescue

I've heard of teaching old dogs new tricks. But teaching dogs how to drive? You have to see it to believe it ...

Two months ago, the SPCA in New Zealand launched a super-creative campaign. Their plan was to teach three rescue dogs how to drive cars. They did this to increase adoption rates by proving that rescue dogs are in no way inferior to any other dogs. Under the slogan, "Dogs this smart deserve a home", our three hairy heroes began their lessons.

And this is how it went. Get ready to smile!

Pretty awesome, hey?

Both Porter and the SPCA deserve a huge round of applause for what they've achieved. Encouraging people to adopt a dog is such a great idea. With 1000s of dogs being killed in pounds every year, choosing to adopt could literally save a life.

Find out more about adopting a dog; then promise to be a lifesaver yourself by taking the pledge to always adopt rather than buy when it comes to companion animals. And if you do that, then I think you deserve a round of applause, too :)

Has your dog got any funny or impressive tricks? My cat's best trick is luring people close enough to bite them. Can you beat that?

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Existence of unicorns confirmed!

Existence of unicorns confirmed!

Posted 3 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: amazing, unicorns

Stop whatever you're doing - I've got major news! Archaeologists in North Korea have confirmed the existence of unicorns! That's right - unicorns. Mind = Blown.

OK, so a lot of the 'news' that comes out of North Korea may not strictly be "true" or "sane", so maybe we should be a little sceptical about this recent discovery. I mean, this is the same country that said their last president learnt to walk when he was three weeks old. The good news though is that there were plenty of other amazing (and actually true) stories that took place this year. Here's a run-down of the Top Five most amazing stories for 2012.

1. Boy is adopted by marmots. Austrian kid Matteo Walch has been welcomed into a community of normally shy (and normally adorable) marmots. See more pictures here, and discover how Matteo and his marmot mates are part of the biggest scientific announcement of the year.

2. Man + crocodile = BFF. The story of an unlikely friendship between Chito and Pocho. If these two can be homeys, then why is the NT doing the complete opposite and trying to reintroduce safari hunting in the NT?? Find out why and how you can stop them.
3. Politicians want kids to go hunting. This year the NSW government wanted to allow 12 year olds to go out hunting by themselves! This mad scheme was canned after a flood of emails from Unleashed and Animals Australia members. Get the full story then take action to help save even more animals.
4. This year was full of amazing rescue stories too. A shark saved a man; a pig saved a goat; and an iron-woman saved a dog. Read the stories then become a lifesaver yourself!
5. Pigs CAN fly! This was the most amazing story of the year. In October, Animals Australia launched the biggest campaign ever to make a kinder world for animals by ending factory farming. Since the launch, almost 90,000 people have pledged to Make it Possible - giving hope to pigs and chickens being mistreated behind closed doors. You can be a part of this story by taking the pledge yourself. You never know, YOU might be the 100,000th person to join the campaign! Now THAT would be amazing.

Which of the stories here did you like the most? Let me know in the comments :)

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Ironwoman brings dog back from the dead!

Ironwoman brings dog back from the dead!

Posted 26 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: dogs, pet overpopulation, adopt, amazing, rescue

We've all given a dog a kiss at some point in our lives, but have you ever thought you'd have to give one the kiss of life? That's exactly the situation Hayley Bateup (superstar ironwoman) found herself in on the Gold Coast this week.

Now, because it's Friday and you've probably been reading all week, you can just watch the drama unfold on YouTube. Thanks YouTube!

Pretty amazing, hey? Would you have it in you to react as well as Hayley did?? (NOTE: letting a dog lick your face does NOT classify as "mouth-to-mouth resuscitation".)

You can be a lifesaver for dogs yourself, you know. By making the Unleashed pledge to adopt, not buy dogs or other animals, you'll be saving a life. More than a quarter of a million beautiful dogs and cats are killed in Australia every year just because there aren't enough homes and families for them.

If you or your fam are looking to welcome a fur-friend into your home and heart, then please adopt! You'll know forever that you've personally saved a life when you do. And that would be the best feeling ever ... for both you and the animal you saved.

And while we're talking about helping animals - head here and tell me your best tip to help animals beat the heat this summer, and you could win in Unleashed's latest giveaway.

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Man rescued at sea by unlikely hero.

Man rescued at sea by unlikely hero.

Posted 15 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: sharks, shark fin soup, amazing, hunting

A man lost at sea for almost FOUR MONTHS has told of his amazing rescue story. And the hero of this story is one you may not expect! (SPOILER: it's not a mermaid.)

The drama unfolded off the tiny island nation of Kiribati (it's kind of in between Australia and Hawaii). Local policeman and vowel-hoarder Toakai Teitoi headed off on what was meant to be a two hour boat trip to a neighbouring island. Long story short - he didn't quite get where he wanted, and 2 hours in a boat became 106 days! I hope he had something to read.

On Day 106 though, Toakai's luck changed. Curled up at the bottom of the boat under some shade, he heard a scratching and bumping against the hull. Peering overboard he saw a six foot shark circling the boat. When the shark had his attention it swam off.

This is what happened next, in Toakai's own words:

"He was guiding me to a fishing boat. I looked up and there was the stern of a ship and I could see crew with binoculars looking at me. Of course I was able to wave frantically at them and they came and picked me up. If that shark hadn't nudged me awake the crew of the boat might have thought I wasn't in trouble and might have carried on sailing past me."

According to Toakai, that shark saved his life!!

In 2012, approximately 200,000 sharks are killed by humans ... every day! That would mean that while Toakai was adrift on his boat, 21 MILLION sharks were killed. And yet this shark rescued him. That's a pretty forgiving shark!

A major contributor to the death-toll is the slaughter of sharks for their fins as part of the shark-fin soup industry. This fact about shark-finning really shook me up: all 14 shark species most common in the shark fin trade are now at risk of extinction.

If that's not bad enough, the Western Australian government is planning to shoot endangered sharks that swim too close to the shore. Under their plan, instead of being rescued by a shark, Toakai may have tried to shoot it!

I guess the simple point to make here is this: A shark saved a man's life, you can return the favour. Send a pre-written letter to the WA premier letting him know what you think of his plan. Then help other sharks by raising awareness of shark-finning amongst your buds.

Because you never know when you might need some help from a shark yourself ;)

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Hero pig saves baby goat from drowning!

Hero pig saves baby goat from drowning!

Posted 27 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: pigs, rescue, amazing, goats

Can I just say straight off the bat, that I am constantly being amazed by pigs? It seems like not a week goes by when I don't hear a story of how impressive these little oinkers are. The latest one that had me shaking my head in wonder is the footage that shows a pig saving a goat from drowning! Yes - you read that right. Watch the drama unfolding in the clip below!

(Weird coincidence alert: Check out the Unleashed sticker to the right which predicted that this would one day happen! Whooo, spooky.)

What an amazing story. That pig is a hero in my books. And can I just say - thank Goat the pig was there, because the guy filming hardly covered himself in glory. Would it have killed him to put the camera down and help out?? But I'll move on.

So, we can add "heroic" to the list of things we now know about pigs. Did you also know that they are playful and will wag their tails like a dog when they're happy? And that they've been found to be smarter than dogs, and even as smart as 3 year old children!

 But did you know that pigs need some rescuing of their own? In factory farms, pregnant mother pigs can legally be confined between bars for four months straight, with no room to even turn around. Piglets can have their tails (and balls!) cut off with absolutely no pain relief. And the sad fact is, that for most factory farmed pigs in Australia, the day they are trucked to their deaths at an abattoir, their last day on earth - is the only day they will ever feel the sun on their back.

Pigs are amongst the most mistreated animals in the world. Their very intelligence and charm only makes the cruel treatment dished out to them in factory farms even worse. You're probably thinking that what is legal to do to pigs in the name of profit is pretty shocking. You'd be right. And when farmers break the rules, it can get even worse. You may remember the shocking conditions at Wally's Piggery in NSW last month, and the horrible deaths pigs faced at a Victorian abattoir in December last year.

Luckily, rescuing them from factory farms couldn't be easier -- simply choose not to eat them. Take the pledge to go veg, and save almost a hundred animals (not just pigs) every single year. With your kind choices at meal time, you can be the lifesaver that these animals so desperately need.

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Great dads of the animal world!

Great dads of the animal world!

Posted 28 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Fathers' Day, marmoset, penguin, frog, seahorse, amazing, dad, competition, giveaway

It's Father's Day this weekend, so what better time to rank some of the animal kingdom's best dads. These doting dads prove it's not just human fathers who deserve a pair of socks and a card on Father's Day.

In fourth place for the best dad award is the barking frog. This froggy father will sit beside his offspring while they are still in their egg sacs, keeping them moist until birth. These guys would be higher on the list ... if they weren't wetting the eggs with their own urine. Still, it's the thought that counts, right?? Bonus picture included of an oreophryne frog dad who hugs all his little ones at night to keep them moist and protect them from insects. What a guy!

Third place goes to the marmoset (a little monkey from South America). These dutiful dads take over the baby-sitting soon after birth, grooming and licking their infants. Later the dads will feed their young 'uns as well as piggyback them all over the place. This probably continues until the young marmosets get their driver's license and a car (I didn't pay much attention in science class).

Second place is claimed by the very deserving male emperor penguin. The Antarctic is so cold that if penguin eggs were to just touch the ground the embryo inside would most likely never be born. So what does dad do? He holds the eggs on the top of his feet covered by his belly ... for two months ... without eating! If you look up "dedication" in the dictionary, there'll probably be a picture of an emperor penguin looking straight back at you.

But at the top of this list of animal dads, winning the title of "Father of the Year 2012" is the seahorse. Seahorses are always going to be pretty hard to beat, seeing as how they are the ones who actually give birth! Yep, I've checked my research and it's true. On average, a seahorse will give birth to 100-200 "fries". That's a dad who takes his job pretty seriously.

So there you go. There are some pretty exceptional dads in the human world too, but it's worth remembering this Father's Day that animals also care for their young and want them to grow up and be healthy.

What is it about your dad that makes him so great? Tell us in 30 words or less and you could win an Unleashed stubby holder to give to him as a pressie. Entries close Friday 31st August.

WINNER ANNOUNCED: An Unleashed drinks cooler is on its way to Samanthadavey (and her dad) for making everyone at UL feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

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