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Guitar hero garage sale!

Guitar hero garage sale!

Posted 2 May 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Jona Weinhofen, bands, ebay, video, music

If you're anything like me, then there's probably one thing you like more than scoring a bargain on eBay -- and that's scoring a bargain on eBay ... from a world famous guitarist. And if there's one thing even better than THAT -- it's knowing that some of the money you part with will go towards helping animals!Imagine how stoked I was to hear then that Jona Weinhofen (guitarist in I Killed the Prom Queen and Bring Me the Horizon) is having a massive sale on eBay and slinging some of the money raised towards Animals Australia.

Wherever he travels round the globe, Jona is pretty easy to spot. He's the fella with lots of ink in the vegan cafe. Now once again, if you're anything like me, then your own metal band may not actually get the chance to tour the world (I guess we just weren't that good). But don't stress ...because if you hit up Jona's garage sale you'll at least LOOK like you have. Jona's lead got me thinking -- how easy would it be to have your own garage sale to raise funds for animals?? Plus you get to clear your room of all that gear you don't use anymore. Win-win!

Here's some words from the man himself. "As a devoted vegan and animal lover I have been supporting Animals Australia since 2008 when i did my first photoshoot & campaign with them. Ever since, i have closely followed Lyn White and the team's progress with speaking out on behalf of animals. That's why I'm more than happy for part proceeds from this sale to go towards supporting their latest projects."

If you're wondering about the 2008 campaign Jona is referring to, then check out this video I've dusted off. There's a bit more hair and a bit less ink - but that's definitely still Jona speaking up for the animals!

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Missy Lends Her Voice to the Birds

Missy Lends Her Voice to the Birds

Posted 30 April 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Missy Higgins, chickens, eggs, battery cages, video, bands, music

Missy Higgins is the complete package -- a chart-topping musician, a budding actress, and best of all, she practically oozes compassion. As well as releasing her latest (sure-to-be) hit album, Missy has joined forces with Animals Australia to give her beautiful voice to the most abused animals on the planet -- battery hens.

So why is Missy speaking up for hens? Well, in the EU, battery cages have been completely banned. But get this -- in Australia, 12 MILLION hens are still imprisoned in battery cages! Whaaat??

These hens live their whole lives in a space no larger than an A4 piece of paper. They can't stretch or flap their wings; and as chicks they have their beaks sliced off with a hot blade! And I hate to say it, but there's so much more I could tell you.

So ... YOU know about the cruelty involved with cage eggs, and MISSY knows about it too. What about your friends though? If you think they should know, then throw the video on your facebook or share it on twitter.

P.S. There's another reason why you should give eggs a miss. The biggest difference you could make for our feathered friends is to simply not buy eggs. It's easy, makes sense and hey ... it doesn't cost anything!

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"Human Eyeballs on Toast"

"Human Eyeballs on Toast"

Posted 14 April 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: factory farming, video, music, bands, veg

I always get a kick out of discovering new songs about animal rights and so just wanted to share a beautiful song I discovered today with you: "Human Eyeballs on Toast", by Peter Broderick. I thought the lyrics were very thoughtful:

American singer/songwriter/composer, Peter Broderick says he has been "back and forth vegetarian" his whole life, and picked up Eating Animals by Jonathon Safran Foer to try and work out once and for all where he stood. He says the book gave him "some really clear answers" and inspired/outraged by what he'd read he wrote this song from the point of view of animals in factory farms.

This is from Broderick: "I find the animal agriculture industry (especially in the USA) to be deeply, deeply disturbing and incredibly sad, and this song is a product of that sadness."

If you want to know more about how animals in Australian factory farms are treated, you could start by clicking here.

Let me know what you think of the song.

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Macbeth Kicks to Give Away!

Macbeth Kicks to Give Away!

Posted 26 November 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 77 Comments

Tags: giveaway, Macbeth, vegan, leather, fashion, Jona Weinhofen, bands

Want to kick off the new year in style? Well we've got just the thing! Read on and you could win a specky new treat for your feet.

We all know that Macbeth make rad shoes. For starters, they were co-founded by Tom DeLonge, of Blink 182 fame. Not to mention they've got musicians like Mike Dirnt of Green Day designing moshpit stompers for them. And last but definitely not least, most of their shoes are leather free. So you can strut in style whilst leaving the cows to be cows.

We were chuffed to learn recently that one of our fave people, Aussie guitar maestro Jona Weinhofen from Bring Me the Horizon (+ ex-Bleeding Through, + ex-I Killed the Prom Queen) has got on board with Macbeth to promote their vegan range.

So to celebrate all things stylish, cruelty-free and that rock your socks off, we've got 2 pairs of Wallister Macbeths to give away! Just check out our exclusive interview with Jona (from back in his Bleeding Through days), and then to enter leave a comment to tell us how you plan to step up and make a difference in 2011 (winners will be announced in mid January).

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Rise Against Tee Winners Announced!
Posted By Jane

Rise Against Tee Winners Announced!

Posted 14 October 2010   by         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: merch, Rise Against, bands, giveaway, chickens


Check out these fabulous photos of our Rise Against Comp winner Timothy with his feathered friends! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all chooks could enjoy this kind of life. Have you ever seen happier hens?
Cheers for the pics, Tim!

The other lucky winners were Jen, Darth Vegan, and Arieluxable. Congratulations guys! Guard the autographed Unleashed T shirts with your life (and no, we wouldn't advise wearing it to the Big Day Out!) ;)

Big thanks go to the Rise Against guys for being so generous and happy to speak up for animals. In case you missed the band's exclusive interview, here it is for you to enjoy:

Don't fret if you didn't win this awesome comp, 'cause we love to give away goodies and signed stuff from awesome artists. Make sure you enter to win a copy of the new book 'Meat is for Pussies', from Cro-Mags front man and author John Joseph. Don't forget to enter the free stickers giveaway this month too!

So keep checking back to Unleashed to win cool stuff, and remember we LOVE seeing your photos posted to the community too!

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Meat Is For Pussies

Meat Is For Pussies

Posted 5 August 2010   by Kylie         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: John Joseph, Cro-Mags, bands, books, vegan, giveaway

Meat is for Pussies

If you are anything like me, when a new book on veganism/vegetarianism/animal rights (in a nutshell) is released, I am super keen to check it out and the new book by frontman for the Cro-Mags, John Joseph was no exception…

When I first read the title Meat is for Pussies I really didn't know what to expect, but I can confidently say now that I am most impressed!

As claimed on the cover 'A how-to guide for dudes …' and well 'yes' it is aimed more towards you guys out there, but as a chick who has read it I can tell you that it works for both, I totally enjoyed reading it!

In the first few pages it is obvious that author John Joseph doesn't sugar coat his words, he speaks to the reader in a raw, matter-of-fact style that can not be mistaken. Coming from a rough and ready background of NYC, he draws on his own experiences to inform the reader that there is much to be gained by adopting a plant based diet and he quickly squashes any misconceptions that vegetarians and vegans are weedy or wimpy.

Meat is for Pussies outlines a number of 'truths' that have been well hidden from consumers in order to protect the industries that thrive and profit at the expense of millions of innocent, suffering animals each year.

So Meat is for Pussies definitely is worth a read! And you're in luck, cause we've got a copy of this great book to give away. Check out our exclusive interview with John Joseph and enter to win!

Have you read Meat is for Pussies? What did you think? Got any other animal rights books you'd recommend? Leave a comment.

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Big Day Out Adventures
Posted By Ward

Big Day Out Adventures

Posted 4 February 2010   by         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: Big Day Out, gigs, bands, Rise Against

So the Big Day Out is over for another year. And wasn't it a stinker! (the weather, not the bands – the bands were rad) If you were there, I hope you signed our petition, and scored yourself a free sticker (if not, then don't miss us at Soundwave)!

After a long day speaking up for animals – there were some awesome bands to see. Anyone catch Rise Against? Keep your eyes peeled cause you might even be seeing a bit more of them very soon ;)

Anyway, check out some action shots from the Big Day Outs:

A big thanks to Kelly, LucyM, AmberElizabeth, Andi, Aimee, tofupower and everyone else who did an awesome job helping out at these gigs!

So how was your BDO? Got any highlights to share?

Only a bit over a week till Soundwave! Who's excited? If you're going, make sure you drop by the Unleashed stall and say 'Hi!'.

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Giving Chicks a Voice

Giving Chicks a Voice

Posted 15 April 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: Dolly Magazine, Advertising, Darren Cordeux, Kisschasy, Fur, The Veronicas, Chickens, Bands, Posters

If you pick up this month's Dolly magazine, you might spot a glimpse of our all-time-favourite-Kisschasy-frontman-and-hero-for-animals, Darren Cordeux. Yep. He's at it again. This time round, the outspoken rock star is giving chicks a voice in a full page ad, which begs readers to stop to think about the little guys (or, chickens), who all need our help.

Darren Cordeux's Dolly AdAnd boy don't they know it. I mean—how's THIS for a chick magnet!?

There's more to this drop dead gorgeous entertainer than you might think. You can hear what else Daz has to say in his exclusive Unleashed video.

Dolly's double page spread on page 40 also highlights the tragic cruelty of fur. Kudos to Dolly for raising such an important issue in its magazine! Animals on fur farms live lives of sheer misery, only to be drowned, gassed—even skinned alive—for their pelts. No wonder The Veronicas are so pissed about it!

Did you see the feature in this month's Dolly? Tell us what you think!

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Saul Williams: Giving Up the Taste for Violence

Saul Williams: Giving Up the Taste for Violence

Posted 13 September 2008   by Jesse         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Saul Williams, veg, environment, health, bands, rant

I have to admit, I have a real soft spot for good spoken word. There's something awe inspiring in seeing a room full of people transfixed by words. And Saul Williams takes the cake for razor sharp lyrics with a political bite (check out any of his performances on youtube and you'll see what I mean). There's an intense passion behind his genre-leaping mix of performance poetry, underground hip-hop, rock, drum and bass and anything else that takes his fancy.

Speaking out on everything from workers' rights to the environment to the war in Iraq, Saul's music and activism meld seamlessly. His poetry inspires action and his actions inspire. With lyrical gems like "Quit rhyming about being hardcore. Be heart-core. What else is life worth living for?" how can anyone not dig his music and his message? And to top it off he's vegan!

I recently stumbled across an email Saul sent to his fans and thought I'd share a few of his insights with you all. Saul talks in big ideas and, being a poet, can write like words are going out of style. But his message is worth the read.

Martin Luther King said "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." If you ask me, Saul Williams is definitely alive and kicking. I hope you are too! Anyway, enough babble, here's what the man had to say:

"A story was recently recounted to me of a popular TV chef who chose to raise little piglets on his show to insure that they were fed organic food and not injected with chemicals (as is the practice on most factory farms), all for the sake of fattening them up for their slaughter and another primetime recipe. Yet, the time that this chef spent with these pigs taught him a valuable lesson (more valuable for the pigs, no doubt). What he learned was how intelligent pigs are. In fact, in recent times, it is common knowledge for most that pigs are arguably more intelligent than “mans best friend” and companion, the dog. For our chef, this meant switching gears and realizing that he could not consciously kill this intelligent animal, that it would constitute a murder as brutal as slicing your fluffy pets neck and watching it writhe and bleed to death, or sticking an electric prod up its ass and electrocuting it, if the fur or skin is of value…

I wouldn’t want to make you “lose your lunch”, but these are the common practices perpetuated by the factory farm industry on millions of animals a day, in the name of your breakfast lunch and dinner. And, no, I’m not simply talking about pigs, but also cows, chickens, turkey, horses (that’s right horses. Everyday), and fish. Everyday, our species participates in the mass genocide of other species without care or concern or even questioning whether the violence that we ingest and condone plays any role in our apathetic support of the war machine we have become. How is it that we as human beings can represent both the highest and most developed and lowest and least concerned forms of intelligence of any living species? Are we simply glued to age-old barbaric traditions that cloud our senses and render us inhumane in our dependence on comfort foods and practices?

[W]e all identify with the teachings of Gandhi, the genius of Einstein, the art of Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Rembrandt and the talent and compassion of living artists like Alice Walker, Will Smith, The Mars Volta, Dead Prez, Prince and countless others. Some of us choose to emulate their styles, their fashion, their career choices, but why not their diets?

Perhaps the biggest issue at hand is not what our cars run on, but essentially what do we run on?

Basically if we shifted our compassion towards animals, the domino effect would heal the planet. We’d no longer be cutting down rain forests to create more space for cows to graze, we’d stop depleting the ocean of the necessary (keyword: necessary) food chains that our eco system depends on, diseases including many cancers, heart disease, obesity, and others which find their root in the food/toxins we ingest would slowly disappear as would our taste for violence."

To fill yourself up on some more thought provoking ideas check out Saul's full letter here.

Well, you've heard what Saul thinks. What do you think? Post a comment and let us know.

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Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom

Posted 11 September 2008   by Jesse         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Children of Bodom, bands, gigs, merch

While we here at Unleashed like to think we're on the ball, every once in a while a great band slips under our tour radar. Children of Bodom was one of those bands. These Finnish bad boys blazed their way across the country in June this year, and unbeknownst to us picked up one of our tees along the way.

The band's lead singer, Alexi Laiho is one helluva guitar guru (you should see this guy play!). But there's more to Alexi than mad guitar solos and intense vocals—Alexi's down with helping animals too. So much so that he even sported his new Animals Australia tee on stage at their Perth show. There's nothing like a gritty guitar superstar doing his bit for animals!

Alexi Laiho backstage at the Capitol, Perth.

A big thanks to Antonella and the fab crew at Just Say Rock for not only hooking Alexi up with one of our shirts, but also sending us the photo. Thanks also to theRoute777 of moomu Photography for letting us use his amazing photos from the event (doesn't that photo of Alexi in action at the top of the page rock!).

If you want to do your bit for animals too, then head on over to our shop and do as Alexi does—wear your message loud and proud!

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Posted By Ward


Posted 19 August 2008   by         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: Caliban, gigs, bands, veg

Kicking ass across the country, Caliban's Australian tour was a blast. With horror-show outfits and enough German metal to make any metal-head drool, this was one tour you wouldn't want to take your Gran to.

While these guys gored it up on stage (bloodied outfits and all), offstage they're as horrified by animal cruelty as just about anyone. We first met up with the band after they'd spent the day at a wildlife reserve, checking out some Aussie inhabitants (of the animal variety). Marc and Andy quickly fessed up to being big into animals, no wonder they're both veg.

After letting the Unleashed team romp around the East Coast with their crew, we gotta say a big hoorah to Caliban for helping us get the word out about how we can all stop animal cruelty.

Can't wait for these guys to grace our shores again!

Did you catch Caliban doing their thing? Drop us a line and let us know: What was your highlight?

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Carpathian Isolation Tour '08

Carpathian Isolation Tour '08

Posted 10 August 2008   by Jesse         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: Carpathian, bands, gigs

Big thanks to the boys with the big noise, Carpathian, hooking up with us on their Isolation Tour to get the word out about animal cruelty. These guys sure know how to crank out the decibels! I don't think anyone was sleeping in the entire neighborhood while they did their thing. Playing to packed crowds, these hardcore boys did not disappoint.

On stage their passion shows in their music, and off stage it shows in their actions. The whole crew is veg, and we found plenty to talk about over a few vegan bickies after the show. It seems the Carpathian boys like their vegan food just about as much as we do!

Keep your eyes out, cause we also got a few shirts signed, and it won't be long now before we want to give ‘em away.

If you missed these boys on the Isolation tour, then don't miss out next time they come round. We'll certainly be there!

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My Chemical Romance
Posted By Ward

My Chemical Romance

Posted 26 February 2008   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: My Chemical Romance, gigs, bands, veg

When I think of My Chemical Romance, I think of big band, big sound, big show. And when these guys stormed our shores they didn't disappoint. And nor did their fans ... check this super human costume effort (from the Melbourne show):

Hehehe ... ahem ... oh yeah, back to the show:

As if the music and packed crowds weren't enough to heat things up the pyrotechnics certainly added one helluva spark. The band were all in great form, but I have to say Frank Iero was my highlight ... but then maybe I'm a little biased.

Frank is almost as well known for his big heart as he is for his gift with the guitar. Being a vegetarian and supporter of anything to help the animals Frank was kind enough to let us unleash our tabling crew once more to join them on the tour.

Stylin it up, exploding on stage and helping animals is all just in a day's work for Frank. You may or may not have as much style as Frank (I certainly don't.); and you may or may not be a guitar hero (I'm certainly not!); but you can certainly help animals today. So let's change the world!

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Xmas Eve Like You Would Never Believe!
Posted By Ward

Xmas Eve Like You Would Never Believe!

Posted 2 January 2008   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Trial Kennedy, The Hot Lies, gigs, bands, food, Christmas, bbq

When our good friends at PBS radio station contacted us saying that they were organising a fundraiser on Christmas eve, and they wanted Unleashed to run a table and bbq at the event, we just couldn't resist. In the good spirit of Christmas, we loaded up the car with veggie snags, and goodies and headed to The Arthouse for a night to remember.

Celebrating Christmas is great. Celebrating Christmas with a whole bunch of good mates, vegan food and Trial Kennedy and Capeside thrashin' out the tunes is greater! And to top it off Luke from The Hot Lies donned his chef's hat to help on the barbie.

If you haven't caught Trial Kennedy, then they're a name to remember. These guys are almost as hot as a Christmas day in Aus.

So that was our Chrissy feast. Tell us about yours. What cruelty free goodies did you whip for the Christmas season?

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