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5 animal-friendly career paths for ex-SeaWorld trainer Barbie

5 animal-friendly career paths for ex-SeaWorld trainer Barbie

Posted 28 April 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: SeaWorld, Barbie, marine parks

SeaWorld trainer Barbie is out of a job. Mattel has decided they will no longer produce the SeaWorld trainer Barbie range. Growing public awareness that a tank is no place to keep an orca has seen a drop in SeaWorld's popularity and this news would suggest that Barbie has decided she too no longer wants to be associated with SeaWorld cruelty. You go Babs.

Sadly however, this means Barbie is out of a job! So I've taken it upon myself to come up with some opportunities for Barbie to consider where she can make a positive difference for animals :)

Marine biologist Barbie
Because working with FREE whales is heaps cooler.

Animal shelter-hand Barbie
Local shelters are always in need of an extra hand. And the countless cats and dogs that find themselves there are always in need of a little extra love.

Vegan cupcake chef Barbie
Delicious and cruelty-free. Foster kitty sous chef optional ;)

Minister for Animal Welfare Barbie
A professional voice for animals topped with stylish business bob.

Animal sanctuary volunteer Barbie
Probs wouldn't wear that dress to pick up elephant poo but that's Barbie I suppose.

Wherever Barbie's future takes her, I hope she finds happiness in a career that doesn't involve exploiting animals. If any of Barbie's animal-friendly jobs appealed to you, perhaps a career in animal protection is up your alley :) You might like to check out to discover the range of opportunities available. (We post job opportunities here at Animals Australia on there too.) Alternatively, volunteering is always a good way to get started in animal protection so try seekvolunteer or get in touch with animal groups or shelters in your area.

P.S. Want to know more about why SeaWorld is no place for a marine animal? Click here.

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