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It's Getting Hot in Here!
Posted By Ward

It's Getting Hot in Here!

Posted 11 February 2009   by         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: bushfires, global warming, environment, wildlife, companion animals

In recent weeks there have been more and more emerging stories of how these 40+ °C weeks coupled with the Victorian Bushfires are taking their toll on animals, and wild animals are even starting to accept help from their fellow humans. Check out the Sam the Koala taking water from a fire fighter whose picture has made it all around the world!

This serves as an important message folks – as the world is heating up due to global warming, animals need our help.

Wildlife: I'm sure you know that Australia is in one of the biggest droughts of our history, therefore water resources for our furry friends are scarce. Please leave containers of water on your property and in local parks for the birds and other wildlife to ensure they have drinking and bathing water. If an animal wanders on to your property, please do not approach it – leave a large enough tub of water for the animal to bathe in and keep it cool. If you approach the animal, you may stress the animal and it will be frightened to use the water you have provided.
If you see sick or injured wildlife that you don’t know how to help, call your local wildlife group, RSPCA, or vet (some are listed below). Also see information on Wildlife First Aid.

Companion Animals: Make sure you constantly refill their water bowl with cold water - put ice cubes in there to help keep it cool. Before you head out each day, if you know it’s going to be hot, give them a quick bath or pour some water over them to keep them cool while you’re not home (unless they’re cats!). If your family allow it, let them inside with the air conditioning with you. If they live outside, make sure there is plenty of shade (such as trees, building shadows, sail shades) for them because the sun moves throughout the day and UV rays can hurt our little ones, and the pavement can become extremely hot. If you have fish in a fishpond, make sure it’s out of direct contact with the sun as the water can heat up rapidly and literally boil them alive! And never leave a dog in a hot car.

A few local wildlife groups in your state (for a more comprehensive list, visit
(Note: Please do not email these groups to report injured wildlife – these animals need immediate attention and you should call them).


DPI emergency hotline (for farm animals)136 186
RSPCA (for domestic and wildlife)9224 2222
Wildlife Victoria Emergency Hotline1300 094 535
Uni Melb Werribee Vet Clinic Emerg. & Critical Care*9731 2232
Fun4Paws (looking after fire victims' pets)
0415 104 044

Fauna Rescue of South Australia
08 8289 0896
Koala Information Service08 8273 5110
RSPCA Wildlife 02 6287 8100/ 0413 495 031
WIRES1300 094 737
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service1300 130 372
Wildlife Rescue Darwin0409 090 840
Dept. Env. & Cons. Wildcare Helpline08 9474 9055
Nature Conservator03 6363 6162
Central North Wildlife Care & Rescue0409 978 064

*University of Melbourne Werribee vet clinic has offered to provide free treatment to pets and horses injured in the fires.

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