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Winner of the Herbivore Clothing comp announced!

Winner of the Herbivore Clothing comp announced!

Posted 4 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: competition, giveaway, fashion, t-shirt, Herbivore Clothing, winner

There was a massive response to our Herbivore Clothing competition which has just wrapped up. All you had to do for your chance to win a sweet new Herbivore shirt was tell us which celebrity you'd want to hang out with for the day, and why.

Choices ranged from dancers to talk-show hosts through to German Nobel Prize winning physicists (oooh, I wonder which one?)

BUT - unlike sports carnival day when you're a little kid and everyone is given a sticker just for having a go - there can be only one winner! And in this case it is sammstein!

Sammstein said she could imagine chilling with: "Adalita from Magic Dirt. Why? HAVE YOU SEEN THAT WOMAN IN CONCERT?!!! She roars!! And she is an animal activist, I mean, what more could you want from a rock chick!"

Good call, sammstein. I'm sure you and Adalita would have a great time (especially you, 'cos you'll be rocking a new shirt!)

Remember though, you don't have to be an uber-famous celebrity to be a superstar for animals. There's so many ways you can get involved and make a difference for those who need your help the most. Why not make a start right now?

p.s. Unleashed's next comp is mere days away - so keep your eyes skinned and check back regularly for it.

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Party with a celeb and win a Herbivore shirt!

Party with a celeb and win a Herbivore shirt!

Posted 26 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 54 Comments

Tags: competition, giveaway, fashion, t-shirt, Herbivore Clothing

Unleashed Dictionary, p. 218 ...

herbivore [pronounced hur-buh-vohr]: An animal that feeds chiefly on plants. Examples include elephants, gorillas, horses and me.

Herbivore Clothing Company: a store that sells awesome cruelty-free stuff with a pro-animal message. Examples include t-shirts, jumpers, wallets, and books.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because The Herbivore Clothing Company has teamed up with Unleashed for an excellent giveaway. You've got the chance to snag one of their many very cool t-shirts. Designed for herbivores and other animal lovers, their tees not only look good - they also carry a message that's worth showing off.

I'm not saying that repping one of these tops will make you famous. But it will put you in the same category as Missy Higgins and Jona Weinhofen - people who are ready to speak up for animals. Other compassionate celebs include P!nk, Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman. C'mon Hollywood - just put 'em all in a movie together, already!

Winning the shirt of your choice from Herbivore Clothing is easy as 1-2-3, too. In 30 words or less, tell us which compassionate celebrity you'd wanna hang out with for a day and why. The best, most creative, most interesting response will win! So get your thinking caps on, and drop your idea into the comments. Good luck! (Comp closes 28th September)

After you get your entry in, why not head over to and start deciding which shirt you want when (if!) you win? WARNING: be prepared to lose an hour of your day checking out all the other cool gear they have.

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Now on FOX - Australia's Next Top Animal Abuser
Posted By Jane

Now on FOX - Australia's Next Top Animal Abuser

Posted 2 September 2010   by         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: Fur, fashion, faux, cruelty free, clothing, Australia's Next Top Model

Who saw the latest episode of Australia's Next Top Model? The contestants were made to wear fur! Real fur! And the host even had the stupidity to say that fur was making a comeback! What the faux?

This is about as irresponsible as you can get (from a channel that calls itself FOX!), especially when it is clear that the majority of people in the fashion world have no idea where fur comes from and the awful ways in which it gets from an animal's back to their grotesque coats.

I love the feel of my dog's fur under my fingers as I pat her, knowing her fur is right where it should be. But obviously, not all animals are as pampered as my pooch. This is the 21st century and it's amazing that some people are still of the opinion that the rightful place of dogs' fur (or rabbit, raccoon, mink, fox etc) is the outer lining of their coat! These people have blood on their hands!

Did you know that Perth's very own Harmony and Lawson actually want you to believe that the fur they use is 'cruelty-free'? Clearly Harmony Douglas has never ripped it off the back of a living breathing animal herself.

'Cruelty free fur' - it's an oxymoron. So don't ever buy into it if you see it on a label, or you run the risk of being called a moron yourself (not unlike certain hosts on ANTM)!

Thankfully people are staring to wake up. Israel is currently voting on a bill to ban any trade in fur. And there are now so many alternatives to fur, I really can't see why anyone would wear it, even if they do think it looks good (which is another debate altogether!).

Jump onto the ANTM forum and let them know you won't be watching a show that sanctions animal cruelty. You can also make comments on their Facebook page.

And don't forget to go faux yourself! I mean that in the nicest possible way ;)

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It's Never Been Easier to Lose the Leather
Posted By Ward

It's Never Been Easier to Lose the Leather

Posted 27 January 2010   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: leather, clothing, activism

One thing I'm really looking forward to this year is commencing work as a paramedic (Don't worry, I'm not leaving Unleashed. Not while there are still animals to save!), although I'll be honest, I was a little wary that I may be forced to wear those leather boots you see them walking around in.

I don't know why, maybe it's the overwhelming feeling that you get when you're starting a new job, but I was hesitant to ask the recruitment lady whether an alternative to leather boots could be provided. So I nervously pondered on how I was going to word the email, and then it hit me: if I don't cause them any inconvenience, then it should be easy as pie. So I offered to find an alternative to leather boots at my own expense.

Later that day I received a call from the recruitment lady and thought "oh man, a phone call...this is serious." But the response took me by surprise. She said that many of their employees don't wear leather for religious or personal reasons and that they have an alternate supplier who can provide non-leather shoes. She even went on to say that if I wanted to find my own alternative they would even pay for it! Now that's a uniform policy that's definitely up to date with the age we live in.

After i received the great news, I pondered a little more and thought "you know what, maybe the world really is changing faster than I imagined, and for the better!" So the point of this ramble? Never be afraid to ask, especially if you're asking on behalf of animals. Just craft the way you go about it, make it as simple as possible for the person you're asking, and let them know how it will benefit them (eg. The local cafe offering soy milk, or the local restaurant adding more vegan options will bring them more customers.).

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But You Wear Leather Don't You?
Posted By Ward

But You Wear Leather Don't You?

Posted 18 November 2009   by         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: Fashion, Faux, Animals, Fur, Leather, Wool, Pleather, Jacket, Coat, Shoes, Belt, Dangerfield, Spendless, Casual Guy, Cruelty Free, Clothing

No doubt I’m not alone when I say I like stylish clothes. And one thing I love about faux fashion is that it not only looks hot, it’s a great way to show others that you don’t need to be cruel to be cool (and in fact there’s nothing less attractive than someone draped in the skin of a dead animal!).

One of my fave wardrobe additions of late is my faux leather jacket from Casual Guy (pictured below). When I’m wearing this bad boy and speaking up for animals, I often have people say something like “But you wear leather, don’t you?” and I think BAM! 'time to save lives' and then I respond: “Thanks for asking! Actually no, I don’t wear animal skins. I was horrified when I found out cows that die for leather often have their tails broken and chilli rubbed in their eyes before they are killed. Oh this jacket, it’s fake leather. Have you ever worn fake leather before?”

Here are a few other discoveries I just had to add to my wardrobe:

These 100% non-leather shoes (above) are from Spendless

There's plenty of non-leather belts out there like this Hurley belt made of PVC

If you want something real bad, just keep looking. I wanted one of these jackets for ages, and I finally found a non-wool jacket at Dangerfield.

So how do you strut your hot stuff for the animals? Have you got an awesome tip for compassionate fashion? Leave a comment.

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