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Costa Rica

5 places it's awesome to be an animal

5 places it's awesome to be an animal

Posted 3 April 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: rabbits, pigs, kangaroos, Costa Rica

1. Rabbit Island:


Imagine an island almost completely inhabited by cute fluffy bunnies ... Oh wait, it exists! Okunoshima is a small island in the Sea of Japan. It has become popular amongst tourists because of the friendly rabbits that roam freely about the place.


Sadly, Okunoshima wasn't always a paradise for bunnies. During the first and second world wars, it was used by to manufacture and test poisonous gases. Maybe you can guess why the bunnies were there to begin with :(

It's not known for sure how the bunnies came to pretty much own the place but some sources say that when World War II ended, workers set them free! Regardless, now they are cuddled and given treats and loved and kept safe. Like all bunnies should be :)


Unfortunately, not all rabbits are so lucky. Millions of animals still suffer every year from cruel tests. You can help protect them from cruelty by making the pledge to refuse products that have been tested on animals. Click here to sign your name today.

2. Pig Beach:


Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Rabbit Island ...

The story goes that sailors left pigs on this tiny uninhabited island in the Bahamas intending to come back for them but never returned. And now they swim and surf and sunbathe all day every day.

Jealous? Me too!

But only a little bit because it makes me super happy to see pigs super happy. They'll never have to go through the incredible suffering that millions of animals in factory farms experience right here in Australia. Not only may pigs in factory farms never see sun or sand, but the mothers are confined to crates so tiny that they can't even turn around, whilst pregnant!

You can help free pigs from cruelty by pledging to refuse factory farmed products. Or better yet, by taking them off your plate altogether.

3. Kangaroo Island:


A neat place to be an animal right here at home :) Kangaroo Island in SA is a massive wildlife sanctuary. So roos can just be roos – grazing in the morning, snoozing in the arvo and maybe some more grazing at night.


Sadly, night time can mean an awful fate for kangaroos in other parts of Australia. If you love our native wildlife, the truth about kangaroo shooting might shock you. Click here to learn more and take action.

4. Costa Rica:


Yep, the whole of Costa Rica. That place has got it going when it comes to positive change for animals. Check out this brief timeline of Costa Rican awesomeness:

2013: Closes zoos and frees animals
2012: Outlaws hunting for sport AND bans shark finning
2002: Bans circuses with performing animals

I love hearing about stuff like this from across the globe as it reminds me how achievable it is to make a kinder world for animals right here in Australia. Click here to take part in our latest campaigns and help make Australia the awesome-est place to be an animal :)

5. The Unleashed office:




Nuff said.

Know any other places where animals rule the roost (so to speak)? Let me know about them in the comments :)

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Zoos closed! Animals freed!

Zoos closed! Animals freed!

Posted 16 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: zoos, Costa Rica, good news, exotic animals, action

In my mind, this is what Costa Rica looks like:


Why? Well, probably because I have no concept of geography whatsoever. But more importantly, because they’re charging ahead when it comes to animal-friendly reforms.

Costa Rica has just announced that they’re going to close two of their government-owned zoos. Why? Environment Minister Rene Castro says his decision was influenced by his grandmother’s pet parrot.

"One day, we took the parrot out to the patio, and a flock of wild parrots passed, and the parrot went with them," he says. "It made a big impression on me because I thought that we were taking good care of her. We fed her with food and affection ... all these things that we as humans thought she liked. And when she had the chance, she left."

So he’s setting all the animals free! Well, 400 altogether. The two sites will be converted into botanical parks, displaying biodiversity in a natural way. The animals will be relocated to rescue centres or shelters where they will then be rehabilitated to the wild or, if they are unable to return to their natural habitat, taken care of by professionals.

We don’t want any more captivity, any more caging of animals, unless it’s because they’re being rescued or saved,” says Environment Minister Rene Castro. You go Castro!

This awesome news comes within a year of Costa Rica banning hunting as a sport! At the time, politician Victor Emilio Granadas said “hunting is not a sport but a cruelty!” He said the law “will allow us to live in peace with other living things that share our planet.

What’s more, circuses with performing animals were banned way back in 2002. So now you know why I think of Costa Rica as a land of rainbows and happiness.

The best thing about all this news is that it reminds me that making the world a better place for animals is very achievable. It’s already happening! You can be a part of the movement for change here in Australia. It’s as easy as becoming part of the Unleashed Action Team. You will be among the first to hear about animal protection campaigns and be part of a dedicated group of individuals making a difference for animals. Click here to join the team.

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Hunting made illegal!

Hunting made illegal!

Posted 19 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: hunting, pig dogging, Costa Rica

You may not know where Costa Rica is on the map, but you'll be wishing we had politicians like theirs when you hear the decisions they've been making over there!

A brief timeline of excellent decisions in Costa Rica

1949: Abolishes their army. Becomes the most peaceful country in the region.
2007: Announces plan to become the world's first carbon-neutral country by 2021.
2012: Bans shark finning AND outlaws hunting for sport!

That's it! Sorry Julia and Tony, but I'm voting for a Costa Rican at our next election.

The law "will allow us to live in peace with other living things that share our planet," politician Victor Emilio Granadas said. "I believe this is a message we give to future generations, that an activity like sport hunting is not a sport but a cruelty."

And if you needed any proof of how right Victor is, just watch this report about hunting in Australia. It's a "sport" known as pig dogging , and be warned - it contains disturbing footage.

You can let our politicians know that you want them to follow the Costa Rican example by sending a message with the two actions below.

Call for an end to savage pig dogging

Keep sharks in the oceans and out of soup bowls

Now ... when's the next flight to Costa Rica?

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