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Is this the weirdest ad you'll ever see?

Is this the weirdest ad you'll ever see?

Posted 18 June 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: fur, mink, advertising, cow, chicken, talking mink, weird

There are good ads, there are bad ads, and then there are just downright bizarre ads. This effort from the European Fur Breeders Association definitely comes into the category of bizarre. SPOILER: there's a talking mink lecturing a cow and chicken on why they should be stoked to be killed.

Yeah, riiight. If mink really COULD talk, I'm pretty sure the first thing they'd say would be along the lines of, "What are you doing to us??!!?" (How surprised would you be if I told you that the same crew behind this clip has recently had their other ads banned for being misleading?)

Making terrible ads is not the worst thing fur farms will ever be accused of though. Confining animals to cramped cages, and then electrocuting them or skinning them alive would be top of that list.

Why people still choose to wear fur is beyond me. I can only think there is one reason for it, and that is that they haven't really thought about the cruelty involved in producing clothing with fur. And that's where you can help them AND animals. Here's a little game you can play with people wearing real fur:

You: That's a lovely faux fur coat you're wearing.

Fur wearer: Thanks.

You: I just don't understand why people would wear real fur. The way animals are electrocuted or skinned alive for fur is enough to put you off ever wearing fur again, don't you think?

By making people realise that fur is an epic fashion crime, it will make them think twice about their dodgy fashion decision. You can also let our government know you want to see an end to fur products in Australia with just a few seconds of your time.

Fur belongs on the animals who need it to survive, not on a coat rack. You can make a commitment to living fur-free by pledging to wear your own skin. I'm sure Freddy the Mink will be much happier with that.

What do you think of the EFBA's ads? Share your thoughts!

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Cow jumps ship -- swims for freedom!
Posted By

Cow jumps ship -- swims for freedom!

Posted 9 September 2011   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: live export, cow, cattle, Darwin, Indonesia

What would you do if you were being loaded onto a massive ship to spend weeks at sea, crammed in with thousands of others in sometimes stifling temperatures, standing in your own waste until you are finally offloaded in a country where no laws protect you from cruelty and being slaughtered fully conscious...?

I don't know about you, but if I had any inkling of what was to come I'd jump ship! And that's exactly what one cluey cow did last week, while being loaded onto a live export ship in Darwin.

Rather than accept her fate as part of the cruellest trade in Australia, this brilliant Brahman escaped the loading races and plunged into the sea in a bid for freedom. And who could blame her?

Export ships leaving Darwin port take cattle straight to Indonesia, and if you saw the Four Corners report in May you'd know why this cow would not want to end up there! Animals Australia filmed cows being kicked, whipped, eye gouged, having their tails broken, and slapping their heads on concrete that forms part of horror restraining boxes that the Australian government had installed.

Eventually the swimming cow was pulled out of the water, but still kicking and bucking, she clearly didn't want to be "saved" and put back on the ship. Her fate is now unknown.

Even more tragic is that this is not the first cow to make a break for freedom. Apparently others before her have tried to save themselves, but it looks like we'll have to do it for them. Please click here to send a letter to the Prime Minister and ask her to end this barbaric trade for good!

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Catalonia Votes on Bullfighting!
Posted By Jane

Catalonia Votes on Bullfighting!

Posted 27 July 2010   by         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: Bullfighting, entertainment, vote, Spain, Catalonia, bulls, sport, cow

Today the Catalonian Government in Spain is voting on whether or not to ban bullfighting in that region. And here's some numbers they can't ignore:

Over 120 countries around the world have voiced their support for a ban, with the parliament receiving over 140,000 signatures and emails (including nearly a thousand from Unleashed members!) to back this up. Local people too, have had their say with over 180,000 Catalans expressing that this outdated 'tradition' is nothing but animal cruelty.

Numbers aside there is simply no excuse to torture an animal in the name of entertainment.

If this ban is approved, Catalonia will stand apart from the rest of Spain with a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated and if you are one of the many to speak up for the bulls - THANK YOU!

Unleashed is keeping a close eye on the outcome of the vote and will let you know the news as soon as possible! Watch this space!

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Running of the Bulls: A Tragic 'Tradition'!
Posted By Jane

Running of the Bulls: A Tragic 'Tradition'!

Posted 5 July 2010   by         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: entertainment, bulls, Pamplona, Spain, bullfighting, Running of the Bulls, sport, tourism, cow, take action

With amazing drawcards like flamenco dancing and the incredibly fun Tomatina Festival (basically just a massive food fight with tomatoes!) you'd think Spain wouldn't need any other crazy attractions to bring in the tourist dollars.

But unfortunately, the utterly cruel and outdated Running of the Bulls is taking place this week in Pamplona....

Each day of the week-long festival, 12 terrified animals are forced to run, slipping and sliding, often breaking limbs, down ancient cobble stoned streets and into a bullring. A hoard of taunting humans run ahead of the bulls, themselves risking serious injury or death.

Once in the bullring, the already exhausted animal faces a matador, who teases and taunts him before driving spears into his back and neck. As the bull loses blood he becomes weaker and finally collapses. Then the matador delivers the final blow, severing his spinal cord with a dagger. Sometimes the matador misses, leaving the bull conscious, paralysed and in sheer agony while being dragged off by the horns. Hardly a bull fight. This is a bull massacre!

Whether it's bull 'riding' in Australia, or bull 'fighting' in Spain, teasing and tormenting frightened animals has got to be one of the lowest excuses for 'entertainment' ever.

If you think Spain's Ministry of Tourism needs to be more creative in attracting tourists, send them a letter and tell them you will never visit a country that advertises bloodthirst and carnage as a 'fun' event!

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