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A bird's eye view of a battery cage.

A bird's eye view of a battery cage.

Posted 15 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: Make it Possible, hens, eggs, battery cages, chickens, factory farming, cruelty

You probably already know what a battery cage looks like from the outside. But can you imagine what it must be like trapped on the INSIDE?? Find out with this interactive simulation which puts YOU in the cage. Step inside ...

What'd you think? Awful, isn't it? And yet that is what battery hens in factory farms experience for every minute of their entire lives. On average, a battery hen will spend up to two years in a cage like that - with no stimulation, no fresh air, no dirt beneath their feet. After two years, these hens produce less eggs then they used to, so they're gotten rid of - trucked to the slaughterhouse.

It doesn't seem fair, does it? It's not like people even need to eat eggs - check out the alternatives that are all readily available.

Wanna know more about hens trapped in factory farms? Then spend just two minutes watching this.

You can rage against cages with over 60,000 other Aussies who have already taken the Make it Possible pledge. Join them to make the world a kinder place for animals.

P.S. Want to know what the labels on egg cartons really mean for hens (and chicks)? Then grab this handy chart for the fridge at home.

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Get a pig's eye view of the world.

Get a pig's eye view of the world.

Posted 8 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Make it Possible, pigs, factory farming, cruelty

Check out this online simulation that puts you into the shoes of a mother pig in a factory farm. This is what they experience for up to four straight months. How long can you handle it for?

How did you go?? How long before you wanted to bust outta there and free your fellow pig prisoners? I think my record is 22 seconds.

Pigs are renowned for their intelligence and curiosity (studies have recognised that they are as smart as 3 year old kids) - yet in factory farms across Australia it is seen as perfectly acceptable to keep mother pigs confined in sow stalls like you experience in the simulator.

Open the graph below to compare how a pig would spend her day if given freedom from a factory farm. (NOTE: "rooting" maybe isn't what you think it is, so stop being immature.)

Original link:

While the intense and utter boredom may seem bad enough, it's hardly the only abuse pigs are subject to in factory farms. Not by a long shot...

If you've seen enough and want to see an end to this cruelty, then join with over 60,000 other Australians who have already taken the Make it Possible pledge. By promising to make kinder choices at meal times you can make factory farms -- and cruelty to pigs! -- a thing of the past. (And I guess you don't need to be a rocket surgeon to know that the kindest choice you can make is to not eat animals at all!)

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Rodeo cruelty continues...

Rodeo cruelty continues...

Posted 29 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: rodeo, cruelty, investigation, Queensland, Warwick Rodeo

Another Australian rodeo ... another horrible example of animal cruelty. This time the footage is from the Warwick Rodeo in southern Queensland this weekend just been. WARNING: If you love animals you'll find the vid hard to watch.

What you can see is a bull named Buckle Up falling and breaking either his leg or hip. He attempts to stand and walk, dragging his leg and collapsing on it a number of times.

The next 30 minutes(!!) were spent trying to get Buckle Up out of the rodeo ring. Rodeo clowns taunted him; a ute was used; and other bulls were let loose in the ring to shepherd him out - all of this despite his clear distress and awful injury causing him to collapse repeatedly.

After half an hour of prolonged pain, Buckle Up was finally herded onto a truck. In their clumsy and careless efforts to move him, the organisers of the rodeo may have broken more than one section of the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act. Really though, would rodeos be the first thing to spring into your mind when thinking about "animal care and protection"?

Queensland isn't the only state where rodeos still take place. In fact, every state and territory still allows them (except the ACT...which stands for Anti-Cruelty Territory, right?). If you believe that Australia in 2012 is no place for this kind of cruel treatment of animals, all in the name of entertainment, then join with 1000s of others to make the pledge in saying "NO" to rodeos.

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Say 'adios' to rodeos.

Say 'adios' to rodeos.

Posted 26 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: rodeo, cruelty, investigation

So we're heading into the warmer months again soon, and that means plenty more time spent outdoors. It means the beach and music festivals. It means visits to the pool, nighttimes sessions at outdoor cinemas and picnics with your buds (serving up delicious cruelty-free options, of course).With all these different ways to have fun and muck around, you'd think that watching animals being tormented at rodeos would be the last thing people would be interested in.

Rodeos were started in the US, but have made their way to Australia, and now occur in all states and territories. (Except the ACT which must stand for Awesome Capital Territory because they've banned rodeos.) If you're wondering why rodeos are such bad news, just take a look at the footage collected here of rodeos IN AUSTRALIA within the last two years.

If you couldn't bring yourself to watch the footage (and I wouldn't blame you, it's not easy to watch) then what it shows is frightened and stressed animals being dragged by their necks; animals slamming into fences; broken bones, and deliberate provocation. The calf roping it shows is particularly nasty and is so cruel that it has been banned in SA and Victoria.

Despite the footage, rodeos still take place. But the tide has turned thanks to pressure from Australians who don't want to see animals mistreated like this. Major businesses like Kmart and Telstra have dropped their support for rodeos, and thousands of Aussies have pledged to never support these events. You can help bring on the end to this cruel 'sport' by taking the pledge too.

Help spread the word by sharing the video. The more people who know the truth about what goes on at rodeos, the more people will join in the movement to get rid of them entirely.
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Click here for twitter.

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Unimaginable cruelty at NSW piggery!

Unimaginable cruelty at NSW piggery!

Posted 7 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: pigs, factory farming, investigation, cruelty

Sometimes you see or hear about something happening, and it changes your life forever. For many people, it might well be the footage and photos released last week of a piggery near Canberra. An investigation by Animal Liberation ACT and Animal Liberation NSW revealed some of the most appalling cruelty and neglect ever filmed on an Australian factory farm.

You can see footage and photos from the investigation here (WARNING: the content of the website is very distressing).

Just 20 mins drive from our nation's capital, workers were shown kicking piglets across the floor. In a room next to their mothers (within ear shot), young pigs screamed as they were beaten over the head with a sledgehammer and then slaughtered without any effective stunning. Footage shows some pigs apparently conscious and struggling for minutes after their throats had been cut. Buckets were filled with dead piglets, and various types of injuries and infections were left untreated. The footage is like some kind of sick horror movie.

Amidst the brutality and neglect, the scene I found perhaps most heartbreaking was a mother pig standing in a tiny crate, just being continuously pounded by a flood of water from a burst pipe. That these intelligent and sensitive animals could be treated so horribly is just devastating.

Even though a lot of what was filmed showed illegal cruelty, the legal practices filmed will also shock you. Piglets have their tails and teeth cut off without painkillers. Pregnant sows are confined to tiny crates where they're not given enough room to even turn around. This is legal and standard practice in piggeries across Australia. As is the dank and dark conditions evident in the footage. For many factory farmed pigs the first time they will feel the sun on their backs is also their last as they are transported to slaughterhouses to be killed.

Unfortunately, the abuse at Wally's Piggery isn't the first time (even recently) that farmed animals in Australia have been subject to such mistreatment. Earlier this year, a review in NSW found animal welfare breaches at *every* single slaughterhouse in the state. And late last year, an abattoir in Victoria was permanently closed because of extreme cruelty.

Hopefully, anyone involved with Wally's Piggery will face the full force of the law for what they've done. This won't help pigs who continue to experience fear, distress and cruelty in Australian piggeries which aren't breaking any laws, though. If you want to make a real difference to them, then don't eat them. By going veg you'll single-handedly save 100 animals every year, and you won't be contributing to an industry that puts profits before the welfare of animals.

If you've already gone veg, what was it that helped make your decision?

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Kmart says no-go to the rodeo!

Kmart says no-go to the rodeo!

Posted 29 June 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: rodeo, cruelty, K-Mart, K-Smart, sponsors, ex-sponsors

Bulls, horses, calves and people who care about animals can all breathe a little easier in Queensland. A rodeo planned for later this year has lost one of its major sponsors after Kmart decided to take a strong stand against animal cruelty and withdrew their support of the Mt Isa Rodeo.

After receiving evidence from Animals Australia showing the suffering and cruelty endured by animals at rodeo events, Kmart announced it will end its sponsorship of the rodeo. They've also said they'll make sure they're not supporting events like this one again in the future. Sounds like a KSmart idea to me.

Rodeos are often pitched as "family fun days". Would your idea of "family fun" be getting your kicks seeing animals in a state of fear and anxiety? Can you even imagine the advertising for a rodeo? "Come see calves being dragged by lassos around their necks! Horses rearing and desperately trying to escape! Horses collapsing after just giving up! Bulls made to buck with straps tightened around their sensitive organs!" Umm ... I'll pass, thanks. No wonder Kmart have decided to steer clear of this event.

Rodeos are 'entertainment' at the expense of animals. They've been banned in the UK, and some parts of Europe and the US. It's awesome to see good guys like Kmart (and Telstra) do the right thing and not support these cruel events. These events can't run without funding, so Kmart's decision is a major one in terms of protecting animals. Hopefully state governments around Australia will soon go the distance and get rid of rodeos altogether.

If you've got a minute or two, why not shoot Kmart a quick 'thank-you' message for looking out for animals. You can also join them and many other Aussies by pledging to "Say no to rodeos", too!

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Turtles and dugongs saved from cruelty!

Turtles and dugongs saved from cruelty!

Posted 20 June 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: turtles, dugongs, sea, queensland, hunting, cruelty, victory!

Some great news for turtles, dugongs and turtle-and-dugong-lovers. Thanks to Animals Australia supporters and other caring Australians these two gentle sea animals are now protected by the same animal cruelty laws that protect other animals in Queensland. That means: no more turtles having flippers cut off whilst still alive and no more dugongs being dragged behind boats until they drown. That's definitely worth shell-ebrating!

This turtle-y awesome news was made possible by the thousands of Animals Australia and Unleashed supporters, just like you who wrote letters and signed petitions to pressure pollies and the inspiring efforts of activists, Colin Riddell, Bob Irwin and Rupert Imhoff, to expose the cruelty. This is yet another example of compassionate Australians speaking up for the voiceless and winning.

Although the legal loophole that allowed for their terrible treatment has been closed, turtles and dugongs still face an uncertain future as their population numbers dwindle. The Liberal National Party in Queensland has taken a positive first step, now you can encourage them to protect turtles and dugongs by putting an end to their hunting altogether.

A thank you message for what they've already done, and a little encouragement to go even further can be sent to the Minister for Agriculture John McVeigh, right ... here!!

Interesting dugong fact: it is believed that ye olde time sailors created the legend of mermaids after sighting dugongs. Maybe ye olde time sailors were wearing eye-patches on both eyes.

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