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Amazing bond between girl and fawn (video)

Amazing bond between girl and fawn (video)

Posted 1 June 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: deer, video, cute, wild animals

When this tiny fawn stumbled into Maya's yard, the connection between girl and deer was instantaneous. But Maya knows straight away what the fawn needs most ... their mother.

Maya's dad, who uploaded the video, said they later saw the fawn and mother together in their backyard, safely reunited :) If only all humans were like Maya ... and knew that what baby animals need most is to be with their mothers.

Sadly, there are too many examples in the real world where we deprive animals of this ... young orcas are taken from their mothers to perform at marine parks, day old calves are taken from their mothers so that their milk can be bottled for humans, and baby harp seals are hunted and killed for their fur while their mothers are out finding food.

Maya can teach us a lot about how we should interact with animals in the wild ... to truly show our love for animals we should let them live out their lives in their natural environment with their own families and species.

To watch another incredible encounter with a mother and baby whale in the wild, click here.

Have you ever had an awesome interaction with an animal in the wild?

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