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Time to Put Down Jumps Racing
Posted By Ward

Time to Put Down Jumps Racing

Posted 26 August 2009   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: jumps racing, demo, victory, activism, Liv Nixon, entertainment, horses

Jumps racing is BIG news down here in Vic at the moment. It has been splashed across newspapers and evening news bulletins throughout the year, with some pro-jumps people threatening to cut off their horses' heads if the sport is banned! Talk about losing your cool, butchy.

Just a quick rundown on the issue:

  • 13 horses have already died in jumps racing this season, many more have fallen and been seriously injured.
  • Despite a review and yet more 'safety' measures, this jumps racing season has had the highest death rate on record.
  • 3 out of 4 horses that raced in 2008 have not reappeared in 2009 and are presumed dead.

So now for some good news: After writing to self-noted animal lover Livinia Nixon about owning a jumps horse, she has withdrawn her support of the controversial sport. The channel 9 weather presenter (who has also been the face of a host of programs such as Getaway and Temptation) relinquished her share in a jumps horse after I wrote a letter to her alerting her that the horse fell during a trial. Her withdrawal of support for this so-called 'sport' is yet more proof that jumps racing has no future – and will send a strong message to those responsible. Good onya Liv!

So my message to you: Speak up! You just never know how much weight one letter can carry. Hell, you might even get a celebrity to withdraw their support from jumps racing ;)

And if you live in Vic and want to see jumps racing 'put down' as much as I do, then you will want to keep yourself free this Sunday (August 30th) for the biggest day in jumps racing for the whole year. It's the Grand National (ie. The 'Melbourne Cup' of jumps racing) and you can be sure we won't let this one go by quietly. A huge crowd of demonstrators will be outside the event to send a strong message that jumps racing must be banned - it's gonna be mammoth. If there is one rally you go to this year, this is it – this will be a day you will look back to and tell your grandchildren about it! :P

Click here to get the full low down on the demo. And if you're not in Vic then please write to Minister Hulls to call on him to ban jumps racing.

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