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EXCLUSIVE: Sneak-peak into Animals Australia's biggest campaign ever!

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak-peak into Animals Australia's biggest campaign ever!

Posted 17 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: Make it Possible, exclusive, factory farming

Can I let you in on some huge news? The biggest, most ambitious, most exciting campaign ever to end animal cruelty in Australia launches next week. And you, are about to get an exclusive sneak preview before it hits the rest of the nation. Come and take a look!

I can't give everything away, but here are the things I am allowed to tell you:

1) Imagine for a moment ... a world where all animals are provided with a life worth living and protection from cruel treatment. A world that recognises their needs and interests, not just takes from them. A world where every animal is treated as a someone, not a something. With the launch of this campaign imagination will become action, because we have a plan to Make it Possible - a plan to end factory farming in Australia!

2) Tuesday 23rd. Mark that date in your calendar, and just make sure you're near a TV. Stay tuned for more deets to come...

3) I can also tell you that some of Australia's best loved celebs have lined up to be a part of the Make it Possible campaign. I can't tell you which ones ... but they include sportspeople, musicians, and TV stars.

4) And lastly, you'll be seeing a lot more of this little guy in the future ...

But for now, that's all I can tell you!! By this time next week everyone will be talking about this campaign. Right now though, you're among the select few to know about it :)

I can't tell you how excited I am to see the impact this campaign will have for animals confined on factory farms. I'd encourage you to start getting excited, because this ... is going to be huge.

p.s. an end to factory farming cruelty won't be possible without your help. Stay tuned to Unleashed to find out how you can get involved to help make a kinder world for animals. Together, we can Make it Possible.

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