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Snuggle Coats is bringing fur back ... to the animals!

Snuggle Coats is bringing fur back ... to the animals!

Posted 7 August 2015   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: fur, wildlife, Snuggle Coats, minks

We all know cruelty is not a good look. So what to do with the fur coat we've had since long before a glimpse inside fur farms made us realise that dead animals are not a fashion statement?

Aussie-based Snuggle Coats has found the kindest solution EVER. They're collecting the unwanted fur garments hidden away in the backs of closets and donating them to wildlife rescues to comfort the animals in their care -- turning something tragic into something heart warming :)

Here's some gorgeous pics of rescued animals nestling into Snuggle Coats furs. Prepare to have little cartoon love hearts coming out of your eyes ...

Orphaned flying fox
A young flying fox nestles in a Snuggle Coats fur at Tolga Bat Hospital. Image: Sarah Thorpe. 

Bruce the kangaroo
Bruce the kangaroo relaxes in his Snuggle Coat's fur-lined pouch at Gladstone & District Wildlife Carer's Association.

Baby ringtail possum
A baby ringtail possum keeping cosy and warm at FAWNA (NSW).

Anzac the wombat
4 month old Anzac looks super comfortable in his Snuggle Coat at Wombat Ridge Wildlife Shelter.

Could that baby wombat be any more adorable? Once he has grown, Anzac will be returned to the wild where he can live out the rest of his life in his natural habitat, just like all animals should.

Comforting rescued wildlife is easily our second favourite way to see fur. The first is on it's original owner -- animals.

Curious mink
In the wild, minks live close to streams and lakes where they swim, climb trees, make nests and hunt.

Sadly, millions of animals -- including minks, rabbits, foxes, possums and raccoons -- are still kept in apalling conditions in fur factory farms. They are then electrocuted or gassed for their furs with some even beaten to death or skinned alive.

Is personal taste reason enough to end someone's life?

Mink fur farm
On fur farms, minks are forced to live in small wire cages where they're unable to express their natural desires, which leads to chronic boredom and stress.


Thanks to Snuggle Coats, we now have the opportunity to try and make amends for the mistakes of the past, and move towards a kinder world. Find out how you can help give fur back to the animals.

More ways to help:

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Cruel Canadian seal hunt begins again :(

Cruel Canadian seal hunt begins again :(

Posted 23 April 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: seals, fur, Canada, Canadian seal slaughter, take action

Every Spring, large numbers of pregnant harp seals come together on the Canadian ice floes to give birth to their pups. Baby harp seals are born with soft white fluffy fur. This white coat will protect them for the first two weeks of their life ...

520-sealandmum.jpg(Image: bankoboev)

At around 12 days of age, a baby harp seal starts shedding his fuzzy white coat for a darker, sleeker one. However, he will still need to spend some time on the ice, saving his energy and losing his baby blubber before he can swim with the other seals. It's during this time that the annual Canadian seal hunt begins.

And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that time is now.

Can you believe that as soon as baby seals start shedding their white coats, they can legally be killed by seal hunters? And as if killing helpless baby animals wasn't bad enough, the way they are killed is horrific. Seals are brutally beaten to death or shot by hunters. They will then be skinned for their furs.

520-sealhunt2.jpg(Image: Cape Breton Post)

520-sealhunt1.jpg(Image: OneGreenPlanet)

We can do something to help stop this cruel seal hunt. Please sign the petition to show Canada what Aussies think of this horrific slaughter, and most importantly – spread the word. The more people that know about this, and speak out against it, the greater impact we can have for seals.


But seals are not the only animals to be killed for their skins. You might be shocked to learn that millions of animals you would consider to be loved family members – cats, dogs and rabbits for example – are killed for their fur. What's more, a cow needs her skin just as much as a dog, cat, rabbit or seal needs theirs. Leather costs lives too :(

ALL animals killed for their skins need us to step up and refuse to buy products that deal in cruelty and suffering. And with so many cruelty-free options out there, there's no reason not to! If you're with me on this, take the pledge to wear your own skin and let animals keep theirs.

520-sealpup.jpg(Image: MarineScienceToday)

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"Being young doesn't make you less important."

"Being young doesn't make you less important."

Posted 26 September 2013   by tiedyedtofu         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: vegetarian, go veg, guest blog, orangutans, fur

Age is no obstacle for Unleashed member Anastasia. At 12 years old, she's recognised that animals need a voice and she's going to do everything in her power to speak up for them. Here's her story: 

I have always loved animals. At the age of two I held a tiny dead fly in my hand and refused to put it down because it was ‘pretty’. This love of animals stuck all the way through preschool where I made friends with various bugs in the school grounds, and all the way through primary school, where I bred stick insects and drove my friends nuts with random facts about animals they had never heard of.

Then at the beginning of 2012 I learnt about palm oil and the impact it had on various animals. Did you know that in the last decade 80% of orangutan habitat has been altered or lost? A lot of the rainforest destruction is due to palm oil plantations. Orangutans have been abused and killed due to being in the way of palm oil plantations.


That’s where my passion for animal protection started. I began to research all things about animal rights, from poaching to fur farms. I am most passionate about ending fur farms. I have no idea why I am most passionate about it but to me the thought of animals getting skinned alive all in the name of fashion is disgusting. I wish for a world where all fashion will be ethical.

After watching countless videos, such as Earthlings and Meat the Truth, I was toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian. I finally decided to participate in Meat Free Week. After Meat Free Week, I went back to eating meat but I felt uncomfortable about eating it. I finally decided that I didn’t want to eat animals so I sat down with my mum and told her I would like to be vegetarian. She agreed and all this landed me here -- a 12 year old vegetarian who wants to make a difference.

Anastasia and Rico
(Me and my bearded dragon, Rico.)

The hardest part about being vegetarian is that not everyone around you agrees with you. This is where good education can come in handy. If you know your facts, you can answer any question confidently. “Where do you get your protein and iron?, How can you live without meat?, What on earth is a broiler chicken and a bobby calf?”-- these are the types of questions I get on a daily basis, but I love answering them because I know that the information will stay in their head.

I started to blog because I had heard of adults writing blogs about animal protection but never had I heard of a teen writing about animal issues. I wanted to give young people a view from someone their own age. I also started an instagram page just for animal rights. I began to realise that there were so many young people out there who believed that they couldn’t do anything for animals. So many people can’t believe that I am only 12 and a vegetarian. Anyone can be vegetarian/vegan and anyone, no matter how old or young you are, can make a difference for animals. Maybe you are just putting a sticker on your laptop or notebook -- it gets people talking. Maybe you wear a top that has an animal rights quote on it -- anyone could read it and it might just change their thoughts. Maybe it is just one person but that person could tell another, or maybe 5 more people. I might only receive 10 veiws of my blog a day, but that still means 10 people have seen a post about animals that day. :)

Young people can help end animal abuse and if you are thinking of speaking up for animals, I encourage you to help get the message out. Being young doesn’t make you any less important. You can still save animals and change minds. Start making a difference today by taking animals off your plate, finding out more about campaigns for animals, and talking with your friends.

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Fur cruelty 'exposed'.

Fur cruelty 'exposed'.

Posted 10 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: fur, protest, pledge

Here's a fun campaign against fur that's sure to raise a few eyebrows. WARNING: it is a little risque, but it's WAY less shocking than the day-to-day cruelty of the fur industry.

naketar.jpg International animal protection organisation Four Paws wants you to join their naked parade against fur. BUT WAIT!! Before you start freaking everyone out by taking your clothes off in the school library (again) - the parade is only for little naked avatars that you create at their website. Click the little dude to the left to create your own "Naketar" and join the parade against fashion companies which for some reason are still using fur.

So now the naked part is out of the way - here's Four Fur Facts for you to keep in mind.

1. It's not just exotic animals like lynxes and seal cubs that meet a horrible end before becoming a gross piece of clothing. Every year in China alone over 2 million dogs and cats are killed for their fur. Some still have collars on, which means that they were probably someone's best friend at one point.

2. Across Europe millions of fur-bearing animals are kept in shocking conditions on "fur farms". If you're very brave, you can see what their lives are like for yourself with this footage from Finland.

3. In 2012, Australia became the first country in the world where all major department stores have refused to sell fur! David Jones, Myer, Target, Big W and Kmart have all pledged to be fur-free as of immediately. (That's awesome guys - leather next, hey?)

4. You can join the big stores in going fur-free by taking the pledge to wear your own skin. It's hard to imagine the awful life of an animal in a fur-farm, but it's easy to help them - simply refuse to wear fur, and encourage your friends and family to join you.

What do you think when you see someone wearing fur? And what are your thoughts on faux fur?

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Lady Gaga: un-fur-givable!

Lady Gaga: un-fur-givable!

Posted 20 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: fur, Lady Gaga, dogs, cats, celebrity

Now, I'm a massive fan of Lady Gaga's music,[1] and I think that she's got a lot of important things to say.[2] But jeez she makes some shocking decisions when it comes to what she wears. Her latest monster balls-up is wearing fur. As if that's not bad enough - you should hear her bumbling justification for it.

You might remember a couple of Gaga's other fashion crimes. Her meat bikini (blergh-kini?) springs to mind immediately. This time she's draped herself in a fur coat in the middle of the northern summer. She defended herself by saying that while normal people would "see a carcass, I see a museum piece de resistance". She goes on to describe it as an "art piece". Really? It looks more like the carpet a mate of mine used to have in the back of his station wagon.

Look closely at the photo - see the adorable little dog there? If I was that dog ... I'd be freakin' out! After all, millions of dogs are killed each year for their fur. I wonder whether Lady Gaga would have looked at the coat differently if it had been made out of that little guy. A recent segment on Today Tonight showed that fur products being sold here in Australia contain dog and cat fur, even though it's illegal to import.

To make fur clothes, animals are beaten, anally electrocuted, drowned, or poisoned. Some are even skinned alive! When she was criticised for wearing fur, Lady Gaga responded by saying, "I do not support violent, abusive campaigns for ANY CAUSE". It's just a bummer that she DOES seem fine with violence and abuse against animals, I guess.

For a singer with so many fans, hopefully one day Lady Gaga will figure out that fur is never in fashion.

[1] That's not true.
[2] Neither is that.

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Is this the weirdest ad you'll ever see?

Is this the weirdest ad you'll ever see?

Posted 18 June 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: fur, mink, advertising, cow, chicken, talking mink, weird

There are good ads, there are bad ads, and then there are just downright bizarre ads. This effort from the European Fur Breeders Association definitely comes into the category of bizarre. SPOILER: there's a talking mink lecturing a cow and chicken on why they should be stoked to be killed.

Yeah, riiight. If mink really COULD talk, I'm pretty sure the first thing they'd say would be along the lines of, "What are you doing to us??!!?" (How surprised would you be if I told you that the same crew behind this clip has recently had their other ads banned for being misleading?)

Making terrible ads is not the worst thing fur farms will ever be accused of though. Confining animals to cramped cages, and then electrocuting them or skinning them alive would be top of that list.

Why people still choose to wear fur is beyond me. I can only think there is one reason for it, and that is that they haven't really thought about the cruelty involved in producing clothing with fur. And that's where you can help them AND animals. Here's a little game you can play with people wearing real fur:

You: That's a lovely faux fur coat you're wearing.

Fur wearer: Thanks.

You: I just don't understand why people would wear real fur. The way animals are electrocuted or skinned alive for fur is enough to put you off ever wearing fur again, don't you think?

By making people realise that fur is an epic fashion crime, it will make them think twice about their dodgy fashion decision. You can also let our government know you want to see an end to fur products in Australia with just a few seconds of your time.

Fur belongs on the animals who need it to survive, not on a coat rack. You can make a commitment to living fur-free by pledging to wear your own skin. I'm sure Freddy the Mink will be much happier with that.

What do you think of the EFBA's ads? Share your thoughts!

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Inspiring film: 'The Witness' - watch it online

Inspiring film: 'The Witness' - watch it online

Posted 28 December 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: video, inspiring, factory farming, fur, veg, companion animals, film

I always love hearing about how people got into animal rights. For me, it was discovering how animals are raised for food. Lots of people just always loved animals. But how can someone go from being scared of animals to rescuing them and campaigning for them?

That's exactly what happened to New York activist, Eddie Lama. To find out how someone can make such an incredible transformation, check out this great doco (called "The Witness") about his inspiring story.

(Btw, you can watch the full doco online here. So once you've checked out the trailer below, grab some popcorn and a friend to watch the full film! And just be warned that while most of the doco is inspiring and positive, there are a few graphic scenes.)

Click here to watch the full film online now.

So what did you think? Feeling inspired? Now tell me... How did you get into animal rights?

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Cruelty: A Fashion Statement We Can Live Without

Cruelty: A Fashion Statement We Can Live Without

Posted 21 September 2011   by JessB         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: fur, fashion, dogs, cats, rabbits, advertising

I don't know about you, but the idea of having a dead animal draped around my shoulders to keep warm, or worse, to make a 'fashion statement', makes me want to recoil in disgust, or more to the point: puke!

On a recent shopping trip I happened to spot a number of rabbit fur vests in shop windows--at least I think they were rabbit fur . But with dog and cat fur often deliberately mislabelled and imported as 'rabbit', you can never be sure.

What is up with this resurgence of fur?! At the recent Melbourne Spring Fashion Week there were a disturbing number of attendees in the crowd wearing this season's "on-trend" of brightly coloured fur.

Even Aussie expat, supermodel Jess Hart has been seen walking around the streets of New York in a fur coat that I'm sure looked much better on the animal it was taken from.

And to top it all off, the latest episode of Australia's Next Top Model again featured fur to the disgust of viewers and even the show's own judges. ANTM copped it last year for the same tasteless faux pas so they have no excuse for not using faux fur this time around.

We know there is nothing fashionable about the cruel slaughter of animals for fur. Fur farms, which often use killing methods such as drowning, anal electrocution and skinning alive are kept in business through the demand for fur coats, gloves, hats, fur trimming at the cost of thousands of animals' lives.

What do you think -- How can we communicate to these "fashionistas" that animals need their fur on their own backs, not ours? With so many cosy cruelty-free outfits at our fingertips, haven't we evolved past killing animals for coats?!

(Isn't this ad by Animal Friends Croatia great! We found it via

ps. Have you made the Pledge to Wear Your Own Skin yet?

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Animals Australia gets the thumbs up from Gruen!
Posted By

Animals Australia gets the thumbs up from Gruen!

Posted 15 September 2011   by         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: The Gruen Transfer, live export, fur, battery hens, vegetarian, video, Animals Australia, advertising

A couple of weeks ago, I was chuffed to see the panel on The Gruen Transfer discussing Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia's very own Ban Live Export television ad!

Not only that but they discussed quite a few ads from different groups on really important topics like fur, battery hens, going veg and an ultra clever ad on the destruction caused by unsustainable palm oil. Check out the discussion - it gets pretty heavy!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all the ads. Which was your fave? What tactics do you think work better than others and why? Do you have any great ideas for tv commercials that raise awareness for animals?

Oh, and check out Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia's latest joint ad to ban live export here!

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If we could talk to the animals
Posted By

If we could talk to the animals

Posted 9 March 2011   by         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: dolphins, dogs, pigs, foxes, rabbits, mice, rats, fur, factory farms, video, funny

Have you ever wondered what your dog or your cat would say if they could talk back to you? I'm certain my dog, Kia would tell me she doesn't care if she has her own chair, she'd rather sit in mine! I also have no doubt that as I type this, she is trying to say "Hurry up, let's go outside for a tug of war!"

And what would animals say to each other? I really hope this video is close to the truth ;)

A biologist from the Bahamas might be on her way to discovering what animals really have to say. Denise Herzing has been working with dolphins for years and has devised an amazing way for humans and dolphins to communicate. Using symbols, and a keyboard synthesizer that creates sounds similar to those naturally produced by dolphins, they can actually ask each other for particular objects, like a ball or a scarf. How incredible! And she thinks it's only a matter of time before more complex interactions get started.

So just what will dolphins tell us?

And what about less fortunate animals? What would foxes and rabbits raised for their fur say? Or chimps and rats in labs? Or pigs and chickens in factory farms?

(Alright Kia, I'm nearly finished!) But I'd love to know, what do you think animals would say to us?

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Fur Coats For Dogs... Huh?
Posted By Jane

Fur Coats For Dogs... Huh?

Posted 9 February 2011   by         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: fur, fashion, dogs

The fashion world sure has a lot to answer for. From innocent mistakes like handbags the size of suitcases to skyscraper platform shoes to the less forgivable things like fur coats and mink eyelashes. But whoever came up with the idea for fur coats for dogs must have a screw loose!

Unbelievable but true, a Danish 'fashion' house has decided it's not bad enough that humans wear the skin of another species, but now they want dogs to be wearing another animal's fur over the top of their own!

The company says that "it can easily be worn all year round". Correct me if I'm wrong, but do they not already have a fur coat that they wear all year round?

The company have encouraged their customers to "put the health of the dog before anything else. Situations where it is too hot for the dog to wear fur can occur." It's a shame they don't have the same concern for the health of the animals in fur farms!

Fur is an ugly business! On fur farms foxes, rabbits, minks, cats and even dogs are forced to live in tiny cages, before being killed - often in the most brutal ways imaginable - anal electrocution, drowning, gassing, or even being skinned alive! Anyone who has seen Earthlings will remember the live fox, who had been skinned and left to slowly die in a dumpster, without even the warmth of her own skin for comfort.

Skinning one animal to make another 'more fashionable' takes the cake for being tasteless, cruel and so unnecessary!

Is it just me, or has this fashion house gone mad? wdyt?

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A Beastly Idea for Beauty!

A Beastly Idea for Beauty!

Posted 14 January 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 21 Comments

Tags: fur, minks, fashion, un-wishlist

Have you heard of mink eyelash extensions? Neither had I until recently. But apparently they're all the rage - or at least that's what the people selling them say. Personally they just make me enraged!

Ok, so you're not likely to catch me with eyelash extensions anyway - mostly, cause I don't think I could pull this look off (and yes that is Johnny Depp). But seriously, there's absolutely nothing attractive about glueing animal fur to your face. Don't get me wrong, I think mink fur is nice - when it's on a mink.

I've noticed that many of the companies selling these extensions boast that they don't kill the minks. According to one site they "harvest" the lashes "by gently brushing live animals." That all sounds well and good, until you realise that must mean that these animals are forced to spend their entire lives on fur farms.

You only have to take a glimpse inside a mink farm to know that it's cruel. Minks are solitary animals who roam over a habitat of several kilometres. Yet in fur farms they are locked in a cage the size of an open newspaper, surrounded by other minks. This is an incredibly stressful environment for them and can even lead to cannibalism and self mutilation. I stumbled across this film about fur farms in Sweden recently (Warning: this is not for the faint hearted!).

Wanting to look beautiful is one thing. But condemning an animal to a life of misery to have longer lashes is an ugly thing for anyone to do. Having said that, sadly the truth is that most people splurging on mink eyelash extensions probably don't even realise what goes into making them. If they did, I'm sure they'd buy synthetic lash extensions instead!

That's my rant off my chest. What silly fashion trends bug you?

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Now on FOX - Australia's Next Top Animal Abuser
Posted By Jane

Now on FOX - Australia's Next Top Animal Abuser

Posted 2 September 2010   by         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: Fur, fashion, faux, cruelty free, clothing, Australia's Next Top Model

Who saw the latest episode of Australia's Next Top Model? The contestants were made to wear fur! Real fur! And the host even had the stupidity to say that fur was making a comeback! What the faux?

This is about as irresponsible as you can get (from a channel that calls itself FOX!), especially when it is clear that the majority of people in the fashion world have no idea where fur comes from and the awful ways in which it gets from an animal's back to their grotesque coats.

I love the feel of my dog's fur under my fingers as I pat her, knowing her fur is right where it should be. But obviously, not all animals are as pampered as my pooch. This is the 21st century and it's amazing that some people are still of the opinion that the rightful place of dogs' fur (or rabbit, raccoon, mink, fox etc) is the outer lining of their coat! These people have blood on their hands!

Did you know that Perth's very own Harmony and Lawson actually want you to believe that the fur they use is 'cruelty-free'? Clearly Harmony Douglas has never ripped it off the back of a living breathing animal herself.

'Cruelty free fur' - it's an oxymoron. So don't ever buy into it if you see it on a label, or you run the risk of being called a moron yourself (not unlike certain hosts on ANTM)!

Thankfully people are staring to wake up. Israel is currently voting on a bill to ban any trade in fur. And there are now so many alternatives to fur, I really can't see why anyone would wear it, even if they do think it looks good (which is another debate altogether!).

Jump onto the ANTM forum and let them know you won't be watching a show that sanctions animal cruelty. You can also make comments on their Facebook page.

And don't forget to go faux yourself! I mean that in the nicest possible way ;)

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Show Canadian Seals: Aussies Care Too!

Show Canadian Seals: Aussies Care Too!

Posted 18 March 2010   by Sim         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Canadian seal slaughter, seals, fur, Canada, take action, petition

Hi! I'm Sim, I'm new to Unleashed and let me just say, the brutal killing of baby seals before they aren't even two weeks old really upsets me!

See, every year the Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of baby seals to be killed by hunters on the ice floes of Canada. It's basically the largest mass killing of marine mammals anywhere in the world. But that's not the worst of it -- the way these seals are killed is absolutely horrific -- clubbed on the head or shot for their pelts -- and due to the carelessness of hunters, some are even skinned alive.

PHOTOS: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Last month Matt.Y had a great idea by suggesting we contact the Vancouver Olympic Committee and asking them to put pressure on the Canadian Government to stop the slaughter. But with the hunt about to start, and the Olympics now over, these seal pups still desperately need our help.

Here in Australia we can do something else to help end this killing. Please sign the petition to show Canada what Aussies think of this cruel slaughter -- and get as many of your friends as you can to also sign.

Most importantly, seals, like all animals killed for their fur, need us to step up and refuse to buy any products with fur on them. If you're with me on this, take the pledge to wear your own skin -- and let the seals keep theirs!

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Help Save Seals' Skins!

Help Save Seals' Skins!

Posted 14 February 2010   by _Matt         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: Canadian seal slaughter, seals, fur, Winter Olympics, Canada, take action, guest blog

The Winter Olympic Games: It's an event scribbled in bold on every Australian's calendar, counted down to, day-by-day, from the closing ceremony 4 years ago. For 2 weeks straight, Australians sit glued to the television, with little on their mind other than the absolute excitement that is curling, being beamed from the other (and much colder) side of the world.

OK! So maybe it's not! But the location of The Games this year offers us, and more importantly animals, a potentially life saving opportunity.

Last year in Canada, over 60,000 baby harp seals were run-down by sealers and mercilessly bludgeoned to death on the ice, their parents watching on in terror and crying in horror. It's estimated that over 95% of the seals clubbed to death last year were less than 3 months old. These animals will never learn to swim and will never chew on their first solid meal.

PHOTOS: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

So what can we do about it?

Well, just like any major event, the organizers want it to run as smoothly as possible - and the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee is no different. One thing they don't want is for the good reputation of the Winter Olympic Games to be tarnished by this cruellest-of-the-cruel hunt, which already hangs over Canada's international reputation.

The Committee carries a lot of political clout, and with their pressure on the Canadian government, we'll be all the closer to having the seal fur industry right where we want them: off the ice for good!

Please write to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee ([email protected]) and urge them to help bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter by pressuring the Canadian government to end this brutal slaughter for good.

See you guys on the slopes,

Matt. (Guest blogger)

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But You Wear Leather Don't You?
Posted By Ward

But You Wear Leather Don't You?

Posted 18 November 2009   by         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: Fashion, Faux, Animals, Fur, Leather, Wool, Pleather, Jacket, Coat, Shoes, Belt, Dangerfield, Spendless, Casual Guy, Cruelty Free, Clothing

No doubt Im not alone when I say I like stylish clothes. And one thing I love about faux fashion is that it not only looks hot, its a great way to show others that you dont need to be cruel to be cool (and in fact theres nothing less attractive than someone draped in the skin of a dead animal!).

One of my fave wardrobe additions of late is my faux leather jacket from Casual Guy (pictured below). When Im wearing this bad boy and speaking up for animals, I often have people say something like But you wear leather, dont you? and I think BAM! 'time to save lives' and then I respond: Thanks for asking! Actually no, I dont wear animal skins. I was horrified when I found out cows that die for leather often have their tails broken and chilli rubbed in their eyes before they are killed. Oh this jacket, its fake leather. Have you ever worn fake leather before?

Here are a few other discoveries I just had to add to my wardrobe:

These 100% non-leather shoes (above) are from Spendless

There's plenty of non-leather belts out there like this Hurley belt made of PVC

If you want something real bad, just keep looking. I wanted one of these jackets for ages, and I finally found a non-wool jacket at Dangerfield.

So how do you strut your hot stuff for the animals? Have you got an awesome tip for compassionate fashion? Leave a comment.

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Kiss Me - I'm Irish!

Kiss Me - I'm Irish!

Posted 19 October 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: fur, ireland, victory

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

*Ehem!* Well just like the many Australians who like to pretend that Russell Crowe and Crowded House are "fully Oz", today I'm liking the idea that I'm "fully Irish". Alright, alright... so I haven't been there in a while, and I probably can't tell you who the current President of Ireland is*, but the truth is I was born in Ireland, and today I'm going to (soy)milk that for all it's worth. :-) Why..?

'Cause this month the Green party in Ireland has achieved a huuuuge victory for our furry friends - they banned fur farming! Yep, you heard right: Ireland has banned fur farming!! But that's not all - campaigners in Ireland are now setting their sights on banning imports of cruel fur products! Noice Wan!

Fur factory farms are a special type of hell for animals like foxes, raccoons and minks. These and other animals are locked in tiny cages and are often driven insane from the stress and frustration of unnatural confinement. These traumatised animals have been known to gnaw at their own flesh and even cannibalise their cagemates. Those that survive the 'farm' are destined to be anally or vaginally electrocuted, gassed or drowned before having their skin ripped from their small bodies.

Mink in Fur Farm

Unfortunately almost all fur in Australia is imported from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, where animals are treated just like this. Pretty sickening huh. We hope that other countries wake up and follow Ireland's compassionate lead in realising that animals need their fur more than ugly people do!

Meanwhile, you can help these little guys by signing the pledge to wear your own skin, and don't hesitate to remind any fur wearers where their coat or 'trim' really came from!

* My apologies to President Mary McAleese.

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How Much is a Fur Coat Worth?

How Much is a Fur Coat Worth?

Posted 24 June 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: namibian seal slaughter, seals, fur, take action, Africa

A lot to a seal, I'm willing to bet.

Or rather eight seals which is the number of seal pups that are killed to produce just one fur coat. And come 1st July this year, that's what is destined to happen to 91,000 seal pups on the coast of Namibia.

Just a warning, don't read on if you're easily upset. Just click here to help end this cruelty.

I only recently discovered just how brutal the annual Namibian seal cull is. People call it the 'cruellest in the world', and there's a good reason why. Most of the seals killed during this brutal slaughter are so young that they are still being nursed by their mothers. The defenceless pups are rounded up and separated from their mothers and many vomit their mother's milk in fear before being clubbed to death. Some seals who aren't completely knocked out are then stabbed and "bled out" while they are still fully conscious. Their mothers are left to watch on helplessly. It's one of the most disturbing sights you're likely to ever see (I don't recommend it, but you can find videos here of what has happened during previous 'hunts' if you think you can handle it).

Baby seals are rounded up

The clubbing begins

Pups are stabbed to 'bleed out', sometimes when conscious.

You might be thinking thank goodness we'd never support something so awful here in Australia! Well, it turns out that it's an Australian company that is directly linked to the annual Namibian slaughter. Last year, Sydney-based fur and skins company, Hatem Yavuz, purchased all of the dead seal pup skins from the cull. All of them!!

That's why we're publicly naming and shaming and demanding that Hatem Yavuz commits to never buying Namibian cape fur seal skins again. Never, ever again. If you think that a seal's fur coat is worth more to the seal than to Hatem Yavuz, then please take 1 minute to send this important message today. The seals need you!

Seal Pups Need Your Help!

Images courtesy of Seal Alert South Africa

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Giving Chicks a Voice

Giving Chicks a Voice

Posted 15 April 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: Dolly Magazine, Advertising, Darren Cordeux, Kisschasy, Fur, The Veronicas, Chickens, Bands, Posters

If you pick up this month's Dolly magazine, you might spot a glimpse of our all-time-favourite-Kisschasy-frontman-and-hero-for-animals, Darren Cordeux. Yep. He's at it again. This time round, the outspoken rock star is giving chicks a voice in a full page ad, which begs readers to stop to think about the little guys (or, chickens), who all need our help.

Darren Cordeux's Dolly AdAnd boy don't they know it. I meanhow's THIS for a chick magnet!?

There's more to this drop dead gorgeous entertainer than you might think. You can hear what else Daz has to say in his exclusive Unleashed video.

Dolly's double page spread on page 40 also highlights the tragic cruelty of fur. Kudos to Dolly for raising such an important issue in its magazine! Animals on fur farms live lives of sheer misery, only to be drowned, gassedeven skinned alivefor their pelts. No wonder The Veronicas are so pissed about it!

Did you see the feature in this month's Dolly? Tell us what you think!

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