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The best love story you'll ever read

The best love story you'll ever read

Posted 14 February 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: valentines day, love, books, geese, gibbons, video

Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around...

Ahem... Sorry. I got a bit caught up in the moment...

Rather than give you tips on the best chocolates to win your sweetheart over today, I thought I'd share a sweet story of love that I read a few years ago. I'll only ruin it if I try to put it in my own words, so here's the story, as told by Gary Kowalski in his book "The Souls of Animals":

Geese are famous for their fidelity to their partners. Once the initially shy female has warmed up to the romantic posturing of the gander and joined him in the "triumph-call," the two are wed for life.

One morning many years ago, a farmer living near Buenos Aires witnessed the heart-rending tenacity of this love when he went riding on horseback and noticed on the plain ahead of him two geese, a white male and a brown female, walking in the distance. Drawing closer, he observed that the female was plodding steadily southward. The male, greatly agitated, walked about forty or fifty yards ahead of her, periodically rising into the air with forlorn cries. After flying a short way the gander turned back to rejoin his mate in her weary march. This pattern was repeated again and again. The female had broken her wing and, unable to fly, had set forth afoot on her fall migration to the Magellanic Islands. Driven by his deepest instincts to fly south, the male nevertheless refused to abandon his partner, but remained loyal in her hour of need, plaintively begging her to spread her wings and join him in the long flight home. The pair was truly faithful "until death do us part."

And this is hardly the only remarkable story of Cupid working his magic amongst other animals...

Shakespeare wondered whether music is "the food of love". For gibbons it certainly is! Young male gibbons usually sing a solo early each morning. Young female gibbons don't sing at all, but instead are attracted by good singers. But it's once a pair of gibbons gets together that the real music begins. Once a female has picked a male, she will begin to sing with him. They will practice singing together every day, until they have created their own elaborate and unique duet. Their whole song can last up to a quarter of an hour, building towards a peak with the two of them whooping and calling as they swing through the branches, high up in one of their favourite trees.

Or what about cranes, who seem to dance not just to romance a mate, but for the sheer fun of it. And speaking of dancing, you've got to give these guys points for trying, even if they don't get the girl:

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you can share a little of the devotion of geese, the creativity of gibbons and the free-spirited joy of cranes with your loved one today ;)

Are you doing anything special this Valentine's Day?

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