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This Hangover hurts!

This Hangover hurts!

Posted 11 June 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: entertainment, giraffe, exotic animals

Would you like the good news or the bad news first?


I'll start with the good news. The Capuchin monkey in the third instalment of the Hangover series seems to have given up smoking!*

The bad news is that director Todd Phillips has found a bunch of new ways to upset animal lovers. The cast of animal 'actors', in what is hopefully the last of the Hangover films, includes a giraffe, two dogs and a flock of roosters. And here's the real spoiler: all of the animals (the characters, not the 'actors') are dead by the end of the film.

The giraffe is beheaded on a freeway, the roosters are shot at, thrown out of the window or suffocated and the dogs have their necks broken. A FoxNews reviewer described the giraffe incident as an "unnecessary and cruel gag."

But what really gets under my skin, is not even the cheap 'gags' about animals, but the fact they decided to use real animals. Even though they used computer generated imagery (CGI) for the scene with the giraffe in the trailer, Phillips still dragged a real giraffe on set for filming.

200-giraffe-tongue.jpgIf I was a giraffe, there are a million and one ways I would choose to spend my days – practising rolling my GIANT tongue, popping my head through the branches of tall, tall trees and surprising birds, playing tag with my giraffe buddies ...

I would NOT choose to be in a movie studio, with a bunch of scary lights and noises and people telling me to do things that I don't understand. Giraffes are very sensitive animals and the one used for Hangover III had every reason to be stressed out and frightened.

The worst part is that it is completely unnecessary (and cruel) to use real animals in movie-making, especially given what they can do with CGI these days. Check out this video about the making of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, where no real apes were used:

"Acting should be left to actors," says Oscar award-winning Adrien Brody,"and that means human beings who have a choice in the matter." Brody voices the PETA ad which shows an extremely realistic and completely computer-generated ape.

Well said Adrien! Using animals in movies is no different to making them perform in the circus, which is why I will be giving Hangover Part III a miss.

What other great movies have you seen that use CGI instead of real animals?

*Crystal the monkey was trained to smoke a fake cigarette for Hangover II.

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