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Gold Coast

Do lions belong in a circus?

Do lions belong in a circus?

Posted 30 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: lions, circus, Gold Coast

You know what they say about the Gold Coast - beautiful one day, forcing lions to perform circus tricks the next. Read on for the full story and what you can do to help.

Traditionally, you can find clowns INSIDE the circus. But on the Gold Coast this week, it seemed like some of the clowns had run away to join the Gold Coast City Council. In a vote of 8-7, councillors on the Goldy overturned a 2009 ban on exotic animal in circuses. This means that travelling circuses with lions and other animals can once again use public land for their out-dated and increasingly opposed shows.

Gold Coast circus protest.

100 protestors turned up to the meeting to urge councillors to extend the ban, as opposed to just 8 people (former circus owners) who wanted the ban overturned. Still, the councillors made the disappointing decision to let the circuses back into town.

For animals, life in a circus is no fun. Instead, it is boring and unnatural. They spend months on the road in small enclosures with no opportunity to express their natural behaviour. Circuses don't even pretend as though they're offering education or conservation of wild animals - so the lifelong confinement of circus animals is all for a few minutes of human "entertainment".

Lion circus adEven though the Gold Coast has taken a backwards step on animal protection this week, YOU can show them what caring individuals think of their decision. Take the pledge to boycott circuses that use exotic animals. And if one comes to your town, make sure you let your friends know that lions belong in the wild (and in awesome dreams!) - not in circuses!

If the thought of lions confined in tiny places bothers you, you might be shocked to know that pigs and hens are kept in even smaller cages, and what happens to them is even worse. Discover the truth for yourself!

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Mayor Bucks Rodeo and Wins Award

Mayor Bucks Rodeo and Wins Award

Posted 23 June 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: rodeo, Mayor Ron Clarke, Gold Coast, entertainment, Compassionate Citizen Award, sport, video

Kudos to Gold Coast Mayor, Ron Clarke, for speaking out against the cruelty of rodoes. In an interview last week, Mayor Clarke, expressed his disgust at the 'sport': "They (rodeos) are definitely human entertainment at the animals' expense." For his outspoken act of compassion Animals Australia has awarded Ron Clarke the inaugural Compassionate Citizen Award.

As an Aussie sports legend, Ron Clarke knows what being a true sportsman is all about. Ron can boast a running career including an Olympic medal and the breaking of 17 world records. So after seeing a rodeo first hand, it's no wonder he's appalled by the brutality of the 'sport'.

To make horses and bulls buck, a tight strap (called a 'bucking strap' or 'flank strap') is used to squish their senesitive hind area, causing pain and discomfort. To make things worse the animals are physically taunted, and may even be zapped by electric prods (despite this being illegal in most Aussie states). Check out this footage, taken at the 2003 National Rodeo Finals at Tamworth, to see for yourself:

While the riders may volunteer to participate (beats me why!), the animals are helpless victims. Earlier this year at an SA rodeo, Animals Australia's investigator, Wendy Parsons, witnessed first hand as a bull broke his leg and was shot, and a steer limped off on 3 legs. And at another rodeo this year, on the Gold Coast, a horse died after crashing into a fence.

It's great to see Mayor Clarke speaking out for these animals. If you have a moment, you may even like to write to congratulate him.

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