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Live export #fail

Live export #fail

Posted 14 October 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: live export, sheep, action, Kuwait, Jordan

I’ve gotta share a sad story with you I’m afraid…

Tomorrow, this Australian sheep is destined to be brutally slaughtered in Kuwait, on the first day of the annual Festival of Sacrifice. Sadly, he's just one of thousands of sheep who will suffer tomorrow. They will be sold on the streets, stuffed into car boots, and butchered in back streets and makeshift abattoirs. It will all happen with the acceptance of live exporters. And it will all be illegal.

These sheep are supposed to be protected from what is about to happen. And yet our investigators have found thousands of Australian sheep being sold illegally at roadside markets, in Jordan and Kuwait, where they were never allowed to be. AND their ear tags had been removed, in what appears to be an attempt to hide the identity of the exporter.

Now for some good news: This investigation has exposed that live exporters clearly don’t intend to play by the rules. But they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Every time we expose that they’re breaking the rules, it comes back to bite them. 

They say “anything worth having is worth fighting for.” (Susan Elizabeth Phillips.) And while we haven’t ended live export yet, with every investigation, and every action you take we make it harder for them to export animals, more expensive and, as a result, the numbers of animals being exported decreases (#win).

Today, you can be the voice for these animals! Help remind our politicians that the only way to protect sheep from this brutality is to stop the live export trade once and for all. Take action NOW!

  • If you’re over 18, head here to let your MP know that you support an end to live export.
  • If you’re under 18, click here to tell the PM where you stand.
  • Help us continue to hold exporters to account for cruelty by clicking here to sponsor an Animals Australia investigator.

Every time you speak up for these animals, you bring us a step closer to ending the live export trade. So thank you for speaking out today!

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