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My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance
Posted By Ward

My Chemical Romance

Posted 26 February 2008   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: My Chemical Romance, gigs, bands, veg

When I think of My Chemical Romance, I think of big band, big sound, big show. And when these guys stormed our shores they didn't disappoint. And nor did their fans ... check this super human costume effort (from the Melbourne show):

Hehehe ... ahem ... oh yeah, back to the show:

As if the music and packed crowds weren't enough to heat things up the pyrotechnics certainly added one helluva spark. The band were all in great form, but I have to say Frank Iero was my highlight ... but then maybe I'm a little biased.

Frank is almost as well known for his big heart as he is for his gift with the guitar. Being a vegetarian and supporter of anything to help the animals Frank was kind enough to let us unleash our tabling crew once more to join them on the tour.

Stylin it up, exploding on stage and helping animals is all just in a day's work for Frank. You may or may not have as much style as Frank (I certainly don't.); and you may or may not be a guitar hero (I'm certainly not!); but you can certainly help animals today. So let's change the world!

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