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Victory against hunting!

Victory against hunting!

Posted 5 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: victory!, hunting, NSW

Awesome news!! In the face of community pressure (including a campaign run on Unleashed), the NSW govt has backed down over plans that would have allowed 12 year olds to go out hunting by themselves. People just like you spoke out against this potentially deadly plan, and have won a significant victory to protect animals from being stabbed, shot and mauled.

The original campaign on Unleashed.

The hunting plan would have seen kids as young as 12 roaming about state forests with bows and arrows, knives and hunting dogs, looking for animals to kill. I don't know about you, but that sounds exactly like a nightmare I once had. To make the matter even worse, it sounds like many pollies weren't even aware the plan had been put together. Fortunately, Unleashed members and other concerned people WERE aware, and made their voices heard very clearly.

This story has had a positive ending, but there is still more to be done. Animals can't speak for themselves; they need you to be their voice. This back-down by the NSW govt proves that a strong compassionate voice can save lives. What else will you do today to help save animals?

Check out these links for more ways that you can get involved and make a difference.
Stop savage pig-dogging in Australia
Help save the Taiji dolphins
Make the battery cage history

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What's going on behind closed doors?

What's going on behind closed doors?

Posted 21 May 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: slaughter, cows, meat, investigation, pigs, NSW, go veg, Earthlings, abattoirs, some kind of nightmare

If you've ever seen Earthlings, then you'd already know that what happens in slaughterhouses is pretty horrific. Really, if most people could see what happens to the animals that end up as meat on their plates, they'd seriously reconsider whether they want to eat meat.

Here's another reason why people would rethink their dinner plans: The NSW Food Authority has just finished a review of all the domestic slaughterhouses in NSW. Guess how many of those places needed to be told to clean up their act?
a) none of them
b) some of them
c) most of them
d) ALL of them!

If you guessed "All of them" ... you were right! Animals were observed being mistreated in every domestic abattoir across the state. The review found that slaughtering staff didn't always know what they were doing (what the...??!) and that some animals were not being stunned properly before being killed. That means they may have still been conscious when their throats were cut :(

The review started after nightmarish footage was taken at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors by Animals Australia member society, Animal Liberation. But hey, this is hardly the first shocking footage to come out of a slaughterhouse recently ... remember the pigs being stabbed in the eyes at a Victorian slaughterhouse late last year? If you've already seen it then I'd say you probably do remember it.

The reality is that what goes on in slaughterhouses on a daily basis is ugly -- even when no laws are being broken. And it's so well hidden from public eyes that we can never really be sure how an individual animal on the supermarket shelf was treated. The only way to be certain that animals aren't suffering for our food is also the simplest way: take meat off the menu. The animals will thank you for it ;)

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