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Caged and Consumed - Amazing Exhibition in Melbourne!

Caged and Consumed - Amazing Exhibition in Melbourne!

Posted 29 August 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: art, exhibition, photography, entertainment, meat

I don't know about you, but I dig art with a message - something that challenges people to think, and maybe even look at the world from a new perspective. And when the topic is animals... well all the better!

Right now, the Obscura Gallery, in St Kilda, Melbourne is hosting just such an exhibition of photography. The very talented Kelly Hussey-Smith and Erin Burnett have contributed to create the exhibition Caged and Consumed - exploring the relationship between humans and other animals and particularly how they are used for entertainment and food. Check out these great photos from the exhibition:

Powerful pics, aren't they! If you live in Melbourne and want to see the rest of these stunning images, then hurry down to Obscura Gallery, First Floor, 285 Carlisle St, East St Kilda. The exhibition has only a couple of weeks left.

What did you think of the photos? Got any artists you really admire? Leave a comment.

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Help Us to Win for the Animals!

Help Us to Win for the Animals!

Posted 2 July 2009   by Angie         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: contest, photography, donation, canon

You might remember that we've been nominated in Canon's "Creative for a Cause" photography comp, where we could win $60,000 to help animals... Well, with only one week left in the competition, now is the time to cast your votes! Please take a moment to click on the photos below and vote for both of these leading photos.

Please also consider placing a vote for any or all of these amazing images:

You can only vote once per image, but you can vote for as many different images as you like. And don't forget to ask all your friends to vote, and of course to post a link on Facebook!

Thanks for all your votes!

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Calling all Photographers!

Calling all Photographers!

Posted 29 May 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 18 Comments

Tags: contest, photography, donation, canon

UPDATE! The pics are in and your votes are needed NOW!
Click here to cast your vote!

Canon and Unleashed wants you to get creative with your camera in a sweet new photography competition: Creative for a Cause.

The idea is simple: upload one or more of your favourite photographs that represent the cause you're most passionate about (it's animals – isn't it?), nominate your favourite cause (Animals Australia – right?) and if your photo wins, you get a Canon prize pack, and Animals Australia gets a $60,000 donation to help fight animal cruelty!

So what are you waiting for??

  1. Sign up here for a free MyCanon Account.
  2. Submit a photo that represents animals and/or Animals Australia's work
  3. Select the Cause Category "Environment", then select the Cause Recipient "Animals Australia AU".
  4. Describe what your photo represents and why animal issues are important to you.
  5. Don't forget to vote for your own photo!

Finally, make sure you post a comment below with link to your photo when you're done so we can vote for it too!

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