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Rescue Stories

I used to live in a puppy factory :(

I used to live in a puppy factory :(

Posted 14 May 2014   by Nelliepotatoes         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: dogs, puppy factories, adopt, rescue stories

Do you only like stories that have a happy ending? Me too. So don't worry, this one has one.

A long time ago (in dog years that is) I was living in a really bad place. All the other dogs were sad and me too. I was always tied up. I didn't even know what walkies was then. And they kept making me have puppies, but then they took them all away. Every time. I don't like to talk about it much, but after I saw that video of the other dogs in the puppy factory, like I was, I wanted to tell my story.

I was lucky. The puppy factory where I lived got shut down, and I got taken to a shelter. And now I get to tell you the best bit. My story has a happy ending all because one lady made a very nice decision to rescue me from that shelter.


My mum works at a place where they help all the animals and especially the ones in cages. They call the place Animals Australia. I come into the office sometimes and I am a big help, see:






Mmkay I gotta go it's lunch time now. But if you would like to give someone a happy ending like mine, and make sure that you never ever support puppy factories, you can do this very easy thing – adopt your next animal friend from a shelter. You never know, maybe they will be super helpful like me.


P.S. I have an Instagram page. You can follow me if you like @nelliepotatoes. Not sure why potatoes ... mmm potatoes ...

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