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Snuggle Coats

Snuggle Coats is bringing fur back ... to the animals!

Snuggle Coats is bringing fur back ... to the animals!

Posted 7 August 2015   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: fur, wildlife, Snuggle Coats, minks

We all know cruelty is not a good look. So what to do with the fur coat we've had since long before a glimpse inside fur farms made us realise that dead animals are not a fashion statement?

Aussie-based Snuggle Coats has found the kindest solution EVER. They're collecting the unwanted fur garments hidden away in the backs of closets and donating them to wildlife rescues to comfort the animals in their care -- turning something tragic into something heart warming :)

Here's some gorgeous pics of rescued animals nestling into Snuggle Coats furs. Prepare to have little cartoon love hearts coming out of your eyes ...

Orphaned flying fox
A young flying fox nestles in a Snuggle Coats fur at Tolga Bat Hospital. Image: Sarah Thorpe. 

Bruce the kangaroo
Bruce the kangaroo relaxes in his Snuggle Coat's fur-lined pouch at Gladstone & District Wildlife Carer's Association.

Baby ringtail possum
A baby ringtail possum keeping cosy and warm at FAWNA (NSW).

Anzac the wombat
4 month old Anzac looks super comfortable in his Snuggle Coat at Wombat Ridge Wildlife Shelter.

Could that baby wombat be any more adorable? Once he has grown, Anzac will be returned to the wild where he can live out the rest of his life in his natural habitat, just like all animals should.

Comforting rescued wildlife is easily our second favourite way to see fur. The first is on it's original owner -- animals.

Curious mink
In the wild, minks live close to streams and lakes where they swim, climb trees, make nests and hunt.

Sadly, millions of animals -- including minks, rabbits, foxes, possums and raccoons -- are still kept in apalling conditions in fur factory farms. They are then electrocuted or gassed for their furs with some even beaten to death or skinned alive.

Is personal taste reason enough to end someone's life?

Mink fur farm
On fur farms, minks are forced to live in small wire cages where they're unable to express their natural desires, which leads to chronic boredom and stress.


Thanks to Snuggle Coats, we now have the opportunity to try and make amends for the mistakes of the past, and move towards a kinder world. Find out how you can help give fur back to the animals.

More ways to help:

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