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State Street Team Challenge

Who Won the State Challenge?

Who Won the State Challenge?

Posted 5 November 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: State Street Team Challenge, factory farming, activism, competition, leafleting

So the entries are in, the leaflets are out and the deadline has closed. But the question remains which State reigned supreme in the State Street Team Challenge?

With many superb efforts, picking a winning state was no easy feat! The creativity of lisa66's Halloween leafleting, gave VIC an extra boost. Matt.Y's regular leafleting at the Salamanca Markets gave TAS an edge. And the fact Naughty Angel got Cotton On, Diva and Jay Jays to stock leaflets bumped up NSW's ranking.

But the winning state was ... (drum roll please) ...


Rav3n's shopping centre outreach, Mikey's city leafleting, and Lea's efforts on trains, all added up to a convincing case that when it comes to leafleting WA can walk the walk!

But the entry that sealed the deal was Julezz's creativity and persistence. Not only did this gal recruit a whole crew of friends to assist her with leafleting, she also produced posters for the occasion. And then, before the dust had settled on her first effort, she was already planning a vegan bbq fundraiser. The thought of being able to grab a vegan sausage sanga outside a shopping center was just too good to resist. And for her stellar efforts, Julezz, is the winner of the oh-so-sought-after Unleashed Prize Pack.

Congrats to Julezz, to WA, and to everyone who entered. Thousands of leaflets were distributed across Australia exposing the cruelty of factory farming. The State Challenge may be over, but the animals still need us. If you'd like to hit the streets and speak up for animals, remember you can always order leaflets though the Unleashed store. Or if you've got some super plans stewing, drop us a line direct and let us know what you're scheming and we might be able to hook with some leaflets free of charge.

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