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Check out the top comment for August!

Check out the top comment for August!

Posted 5 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Top Comment, monthly, giveaway, fashion, win, stickers, I want!, gotta be in it to win it

Every month the best comment on the blogs is picked out and highlighted. It might be funny, it might be thought-provoking, it might be poorly spelt. It might even be something YOU wrote. Find out what August's top comment was here ...

August's Top Comment:
"This is so disturbing. I've been in shock. It's hard to find the words to really express the absolute horror that those beautiful pigs go through. There is around 12,000 signatures on the petition last time I checked which is incredible! Going to the rally on Saturday, really looking forward to it. Making vegan cupcakes to share afterwards." Lily Meave, on Unimaginable cruelty at NSW piggery.

That's what Unleashed member Lily Meave had to say after the hellish conditions at Wally's Piggery were exposed in August. For her passion and energy, she's won the Unleashed badges that were up for grabs in August for the best comment of the month.

The prize for this month (September) is a complete Unleashed campaign sticker pack. Get commenting to win!

The competition details ...
Have you ever found $20 in your pocket weeks after putting it in there? Feels pretty sweet doesn't it? Everybody loves scoring something for free, And we're making those dreams come true every month with our Top Comment Comp!

Here's how it works: Blogs get posted on Unleashed. You comment on blogs. At the end of each month, we'll pick the top comment posted that month. If one of your comments is the funniest, smartest, deepest for the month - then you win the prize. Boom. Easy as that.

The winner is announced at the end of each month, and all blog comments will be considered.* Good luck!!

Previous Top Comments
"When you really, truly consider the reality of eating meat, testicle pizza does not feel all that much more vulgar. I don't understand why most meat eaters have no qualms eating thighs, wings, breasts, connective tissue, blood vessels, flesh and blood, and yet are grossed out by eyes, tongues and testicles. It's all pretty gross to me." Sair Scare, on Food for Thought? (Gross-out warning!)

"It's these kinds of stories that ought to be making the news. Proving to the world that compassion and empathy are both attractive qualities accessible by all, as long as they are willing to open their eyes, if only for a moment, to the impact their choices and decisions have on other species." 4_da_animals1, on Lives Risked and life saved in rescue!

* We love it when you comment on blogs! We love it even more when your comments are thoughtful, inspiring, or make us laugh!! So just to be clear, this is not about who posts the most comments. It's about who posts what we think is the top comment for the month. You might only post one comment this month. But if it's a cracker, then you could be walking away with a hot new shirt to show for it.

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Help Us Pick a New Wallpaper!

Help Us Pick a New Wallpaper!

Posted 21 April 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 26 Comments

Tags: Unleashed, Birthday, giveaway, stickers

Unleashed recently had it's second birthday. To celebrate we've got some treats on the way for you :)

As Karen mentioned on the forum, we'll be giving Unleashed a makeover. Your ideas for the new look for Unleashed were great, and having seen a sneak peek of the new Unleashed I can tell it's hot!

But before we give the site a change of skin, we need your advice on one more thing. This year, we're not only going to give Unleashed a makeover, we're going to give you 3 wallpapers so that you can give your computer a makeover too!

So we need you to help to make the big decision. By now you've probably entered (and hopefully won) our monthly sticker give away. So you've probably worked out which of these 12 stickers is your fave. So tell us: Which of these stickers would you like to have as a wallpaper for your computer and why?

Then stay tuned... because the brand new look for Unleashed won't be long now ;)

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Top 5 Ways to Help Animals at School

Top 5 Ways to Help Animals at School

Posted 1 February 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: school, activism, advocacy, dissection, stickers, leather

So it's that time of year again - time to pack your bags, dust off your uniform and head back to school. I know how you're feeling ... if only the holidays could've lasted a bit longer, right? But on the up side, a new year at school is full of great opportunities to help animals. So here are a few reasons to jump out of bed and embrace the new school year with enthusiasm!

Top 5 Tips for Helping Animals at School:

  1. Make Your Presentations Count
    What better chance to speak up for animals than when you've got a captive audience. Are you outraged that 10 million chicks are ground up alive or gassed to death by the egg industry each year? Or that rabbits have chemicals rubbed into their eyes to test everyday household products? Then make your class talks count and do them on issues your classmates should know about. Besides, when you're doing a presentation on something you know and care about, you'll get better grades!
  1. Ditch Dissection
    Just because an animal is small green and slimy, doesn't make it ok to kill her and cut her open. And as for our furry friends, rats - think of them as little dogs - these little guys are smart, playful and really, really cute. There's just no need for violence in science. So let your teacher know you don't want to dissect. Then prove there's no need for dissection by using animal friendly resources (eg. text books, videos and computer simulations) to stay ahead of the class.
  1. Make Your Uniform Animal Friendly
    I don't know about you, but there's no way I want to wear the skin of a dead cow on my feet. And seriously, with so many faux leather alternatives, there's just no need. If your school has a uniform policy with compulsory leather shoes, or woolen jumper, why not write a letter to your principal asking them to change their policy. Sometimes all it takes is one letter.
  1. Sticker Your Stuff
    What else are note pads, pencil cases and laptops for except to put stickers on? Grab yourself a sheet of the best stickers in town (or enter here to win some) and get stickering! Not only will you have the most stylish school gear around, you'll have all your classmates thinking about animal issues, asking questions, and of course wanting some flashy stickers of their own (so don't forget to tell them where they can score some for themselves).
  1. Veganise Your Tuckshop
    If your tuckshop is anything like mine was, then the menu is chock full of dead animals. Aside from the animal cruelty, it's not gonna do students' waistlines or the planet any favours either. Ask your tuckshop to offer more tasty vegetarian and vegan food. That won't just give you more to choose from for lunch, it'll give other students the chance to sample some cruelty free food.

So there you have it. That should keep you busy for a while. And that's just the beginning! There are heaps of other creative ways to help animals at school. We'd like to hear your ideas. Leave a comment below to share your tips for helping animals at school.

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