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Number 1 Reason Not to Eat Chicken
Posted By Ward

Number 1 Reason Not to Eat Chicken

Posted 14 August 2009   by         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: chickens, veg, violence, food

There are heaps of reasons not to eat chicken for your health, for the environment or for the animals. For me, the fact that chicks are forced to grow much faster than their bodies can cope, with some dying from organ failure and others starving to death, unable to lift their own body weight, was always reason enough not to eat them. But now I think this one takes the cake...

Number one reason not to eat chicken: Because your housemate might just douse you in boiling oil!

Yep, the Herald Sun has reported that a dispute over Nando's chicken has ended in a man having boiling oil poured over him in his sleep. Sure, I'd be pretty annoyed if you ate all of my delicious mock chicken, but as far as Im concerned violence has no place on or off my plate.

So anyway, what vegan treat do you find so delicious its just impossible to share?

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