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Wicked Campers

Happy Ending to a Wicked Story...

Happy Ending to a Wicked Story...

Posted 11 February 2011   by Karen         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: kangaroos, wicked campers, victory

In just days, hundreds of Unleashed members let Wicked know that stickers telling motorists to 'run down' roos were, well, not funny, and not cool. Good news -- Wicked got that message loud and clear, and posted on their website today the following statement:

Following a week of intense protesting from Animal Rights Activists around the world, we have decided to remove the controversial Kangaroo stickers from our fleet of vans. We have come to realise that this is a sensitive issue for many people and have taken their arguments into consideration. Whilst there was never any malicious motive behind the design of the sticker, we can appreciate how some groups could be offended. (more here)

Kangaroos need all the help we can give them. Millions of these amazing animals are hunted and killed every year by shooters for their skins and meat. Collateral damage -- baby joeys -- are often flung against tow bars or decapitated. The last thing these vulnerable need are ill-informed motorists thinking they need to run them down with their vans too.

Fortunately for roos, Wicked's change of heart will help to encourage tourists to treat our amazing wildlife with what they deserve -- respect. Please drop by Wicked's facebook page and thank them for swiftly removing these stickers form their vans!

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