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Change the Wolrd.

Go Veg, for Life!


It’s the single-most effective way to oppose animal cruelty, protect the environment, and safeguard your own health. The average meat-eater consumes 100 animals every year. That’s over 8,000 animals in a lifetime! Most of these animals suffer endlessly on factory farms, and never see natural sunlight or feel grass under their feet. With so many veggie options available today, giving cruelty the flick is easier than ever! More »

Go faux yourself!


We mean it in the nicest possible way! There are so many convincing fake furs and imitation leather fashions available, there’s no reason to support the cruelty of the fur or leather industries. Who wants to drape themselves in a lifeless skin of a dead animal anyway? Let the animals keep their skins—go faux! More »

Animal Testing

Animal Testing

Behind closed doors of ‘research’ laboratories, animals are burned, maimed and tortured for unnecessary product tests. Is a ‘new’ flavour of toothpaste, or ‘new’ shade of eye-shadow really worth the pain and suffering of thousands of defenceless animals? You decide. More »