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Faux Fur, Leather, Wool Shopping Guide

For killer looks without the body count, check out these fantastic shopping tips to faux your wardrobe.

Fur Ermine

There is nothing sophisticated or dignified about real fur coats, or real fur trim. Most fur in Australia is imported from countries where animals may be skinned alive, beaten to death, drowned, gassed, poisoned or anally or vaginally electrocuted for their pelts. Isn’t it time to go faux?

Alternatives to Fur

More and more retailers are stocking fake furs. Synthetic ‘furs’ are adorably soft, and can be found in a huge variety of striking colours, styles and patterns. Some look and feel just like the ‘real’ thing too! What’s even better is that they won’t leave a huge dent in your wallet like real fur can.

Read labels carefully—even on brightly dyed fur, or garments that only have fur ‘trim’. Remember, fur ‘trims’ are not off-cuts—they were once animals too! Some stores sell only faux fur products. Ask at the counter to find out. For a real faux furry treat, check out Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs—amazing variety, and 100% faux!


Leather Cow

Leather is not just ‘leftovers’ from the meat industry. Every year, millions of animals including cows, kangaroos, pigs, horses, snakes, and crocodiles lose their lives only to be turned into someone’s belt, shoes or handbag. In the process, toxic chemicals are used to prevent the dead skin from rotting, which makes leather not only a nightmare for animals, but for people, communities, and the environment as well.

Alternatives to Leather

You don’t need to look further than your closest department store for inexpensive vinyl and imitation leather products such as shoes, wallets and belts. But you might need to do a little research, as non-leather items are usually mixed in with the leather ones. Read the labels, and ask questions to ensure you don’t accidentally walk out with the skin of a dead cow!

There are also some great brands that specialise in cruelty-free shoes, wallets, jackets, purses, and other typically leather items. Some of our faves include Macbeth shoes (their range includes a dedicated ‘vegan’ line of shoes—find them in some skate stores or online at LoserKids), Vegan Wares (located in Melbourne, or via mail-order), Vegetarian Shoes (U.K. based, but great variety and top quality) just to name a few.


Wool Sheep

Wool is a hairy business for sheep. For their fleece, sheep undergo painful surgical procedures without pain relief—such as being castrated and having their tails cut off! It’s time we gave these gentle animals a break, and wave wool farewell.

Alternatives to Wool

With so many warm and fuzzy wool alternatives (that don’t shrink in the wash!) why would you wear anything else? From fluffy soft synthetic scarves, to cosy knitted cotton jumpers, linen wraps and organic woven hemp jackets—even faux ugg boots (if you really want)—there’s something to suit everyone.

Textiles have come so far that what looks like wool on the shelves is often a different material altogether. So read the labels and look for easy-to-find wool alternatives.
Then you can rug up in your winter cosies and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and the outside—knowing that your wardrobe is wool-(and cruelty)-free!

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