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Go Veg, for Life!

Meat stinks. It stinks for the animals, for the planet, and for your health.

Being vegetarian saves lives—on average 100 lives every year. It can also improve your health, will protect the environment, and diverts funds away from industries that profit from animal abuse. So, whether you’re concerned about animals, saving the planet, or just saving yourself, going veg makes sense on every level. And hot damn—it's delicious!

For the Animals.


Around the world, over 50 billion innocent animals are killed every year to feed humans. Most of these animals suffer endlessly inside filthy, overcrowded factory farms, which are hidden from public view. Find out more »

For the Planet.

The Planet

The meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the planes, trains and automobiles of the world combined! Going veg is the most effective way to help save the planet. Find out more »

For Yourself.

Your Health

Eating animal flesh, dairy and eggs is known to cause lots of health problems, from heart disease and cancer, to weight gain and pimples! Your body will thank you for cutting the carcasses from your diet. Find out more »

Meet the Animals

Pigs Pigs are as smart as 3-year-old children! They know their own name, and wag their tails when excited! More »
Chickens Chickens are very social animals, are doting mothers, and can recognise over 100 of their friends' faces! More »
Cows Cows are emotional animals, who form strong social bonds, and have been known to hold grudges! More »
Sheep Sheep are remarkably smart, quick learners, and are also very playful animals. More »
Fish Fish are among the least understood animals, yet they too feel pain, and have unique 'personalities'! More »

Easy as Veggie Pie!