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Eating Out

Fancy a night out at a cruelty-free restaurant? Looking for a quick feed on the run? Most restaurants have vegetarian options on their menus, and there is an increasing number of vegetarian-only cafes and restaurants all over the country.


Here in Australia we are blessed with some of the best places to eat ever! And to prove it, we’ve made a list of our top eats around the country. If you’re living or visiting elsewhere, check out ‘Happy Cow’ for a list of veggie-friendly restaurants near you. Eat up! And enjoy!


Melbourne city is teaming with amazing veggie restaurants—it was difficult to limit ourselves to just five!

  1. Lord of the Fries

    Best hot chips in the land; awesome burgers (vegan cheese available!). Looks like meat, tastes like meat, 100% cruelty-free! Now in 7 locations across Melbourne!

  2. Vegie Bar

    Huge menu, tasty food and a buzzing atmosphere. 380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

  3. Smith & Daughters

    Super stylish and all vegan restaurant. 175 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

  4. Sister of Soul

    Delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan creations. 73 Acland St, St Kilda

  5. Reverence Hotel

    Live music and delicious veg pub food including pizzas, tacos and quesadillas? Yes please! 28 Napier St, Footscray

  6. Want more tips for Melbourne? Click here.

Tips for Eating out

Vegan Pizza Party


Fast Food

Subway’s Veggie Delight Sub (including the patty) is an easy and delicious option if you’re on the run (and is vegan if ordered without the cheese). Domino’s make a vegetarian pizza that can easily be made vegan if requested without the cheese too. All decent kebab outlets including Ali Baba, the Kebab Co and UTK make tasty vegetarian felafel kebabs, and can be found pretty much everywhere.

Non-Vegetarian Restaurants

Don’t be scared about visiting a non-veg restaurant. Most places have vegetarian (and vegan) options on their menu, and those that don’t are often happy to prepare something vegetarian on request. Chinese, Thai and Indian restaurants usually have a wide variety of meat-free options—and the more you order, the more incentive they have to expand their vegetarian menu! So get out there, and be adventurous!

Visiting Friends and Family

Even though you know it’s easy to find and prepare tasty vegetarian food, your friends and family may not always ‘get it’. The best way around this is to offer to bring a cruelty-free dish to share—this way others can learn first-hand how interesting and delicious veggie food can be! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our favourite recipes.

Give Meat the Flick!

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Easy as Veggie Pie!


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