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Every person who makes the decision not to eat animals is responsible for saving around 100 innocent lives every year. These numbers add up fast! That’s why we’ve created a life saving counter, so it’s quick to see just how big an impact ditching meat can make!
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Saved From What?

For the mere taste of flesh, every year over 50 billion animals are killed worldwide. Most of these animals are forced to spend their entire lives in filthy overcrowded enclosures and suffer in horrifying ways—like having their tails cut off without pain relief, and being castrated without anaesthetic—and that’s all before they face the terror of being slaughtered!

Fortunately, as caring, thinking people, we don’t have to support such a cruel and environmentally destructive system. It’s not only unnecessary to eat meat—but most people are healthier without it! And these days it’s easier than ever to avoid eating dead animals in favour of delicious veggie food which is available pretty much everywhere.

So we say corpses are dead. Be a life saver. Go vegetarian!

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