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Hot off the press: recent news about animal issues. If it's in the news and you think others should know, then post it here.

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Where Terrorism and the Ivory Trade Collide why the United States must take immediate action to stop the ivory trade. Last post by robert99, 14 May 2017, in Newsworthy 762 0
Drugging of horses 'normal procedure' Last post by robert99, 10 May 2017, in Newsworthy 877 1
Westpac rules out funding new coal basins in Australia includes the Carmichael megamine - getting active works! Last post by robert99, 8 May 2017, in Newsworthy 1545 1
Greenpeace Australia Pacific protest CommBank Banner on bridge outside CommBank's HQ Last post by robert99, 5 May 2017, in Newsworthy 807 0
Commonwealth Bank's relationship with Adani a “secret” link between the two companies Last post by robert99, 3 May 2017, in Newsworthy 1183 0
Trump takes aim at US National Monuments Last post by robert99, 27 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 728 0
Peugeot-Citroen is under investigation too Being investigated for breaking consumer protection laws. Last post by robert99, 25 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 692 0
Kuki Gallmann shot and wounded at Kenya conservation park author of the best-selling memoir I Dreamed of Africa Last post by robert99, 23 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 682 0
Muslim Hindu cow conflict in India vigilante groups attack Muslims Last post by robert99, 23 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 912 2
China’s biggest airline bans shark fin cargo China Southern Airlines says it is taking a stand for animal conservation Last post by robert99, 21 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 570 0
3 young koalas - stolen ... how low can you go? Last post by robert99, 15 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 588 0
SeaWorld Stake, Long Held by Blackstone, Is Sold to Chinese Firm The deal will pave the way for SeaWorld to open parks in China - NO!!! Last post by robert99, 15 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 665 1
Animals Asia - Two moon bears have been rescued one more bile farm SHUT DOWN Last post by robert99, 14 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 639 0
Good news from Iraq - Six rescued bears set free in Kurdish Halgord National Park Last post by robert99, 11 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 607 1
Greenpeace Australia Pacific protest at Commenwealth Bank Anti coal funding protest Last post by robert99, 10 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 876 7
The problem of Indigenous over-incarceration in Australia 14 times more likely to be in custody than non-Indigenous people Last post by robert99, 4 Apr 2017, in Newsworthy 707 1
Chlorpyrifos, also known as Lorsban Dow AgroSciences & Scott Pruitt get their way Last post by robert99, 30 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 551 0
Tasmanian devils and DFTD Last post by robert99, 23 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 485 2
national refuges are not private game reserves Making sure there are plenty of animals to hunt - usch! Last post by robert99, 19 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 411 0
Leather becomes election issue in India Last post by robert99, 13 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 367 0
US Congress Moves to Ban Dog & Cat Meat in the U.S. dog and cat meat is still legal in 44 states Last post by robert99, 10 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 499 1
the first rhino to be killed by poachers inside a zoo sick sick sick Last post by , 9 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 398 1
New BWC in South Africa newsletter out latest news and plans for Earth Day 22nd of April 2017 Last post by robert99, 3 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 564 0
Great Forest National Park (GFNP) Victoria loss of thousand of jobs and businesses or not? Last post by robert99, 2 Mar 2017, in Newsworthy 455 0
SeaWorld was right to stop breeding orcas, but it should go further Ingrid Newkirk writes in LA Times Last post by robert99, 24 Feb 2017, in Newsworthy 476 0
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