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'Freedom' by Madi Land

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Madi Land Madi Land WA Posts: 4
1 27 Nov 2014
Hey guys,

If you have not yet checked out my book, please do so! I am working on a new book about Dairy Calves called 'Where's my mum' but it has not been confirmed yet. It should be released around next year, and I will send it off to Animals Australia again!

Thanks guys!

Madi Land

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian VIC Posts: 119
2 27 Nov 2014
cool, publish it as SOON as you can happy

see if you can publish it on this forum when you are done.

KiaraP KiaraP SA Posts: 13
3 28 Nov 2014
good to know

Purple Princess Purple Princess ACT Posts: 64
4 28 Nov 2014
cool bananas  banana banana