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More Vegans please!!!

Let's be friends?

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Nelly Nelly QLD Posts: 30
1 18 Feb 2015
Hey everyone,

I've been a member here for a while and nothing ticks me off as much as treating animals cruelly. I've been a pretty bad person in the past with being a vegetarian that 'loves' animals while eating dairy and all kinds of eggs. I want, I need to be around more people who are passionate when it comes to animals.

I've been vegan for sometime now and yet I don't know many other people who have similar thoughts on this. I am just sick of being surrounded by meat and so many meat-eaters. I really do care for the defenceless and would love to meet new people who share the same wavelength as I do.  

Anyway, I am Nelly and I'd really like to get to know you happy

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian VIC Posts: 119
2 18 Feb 2015
i'm okami and i'm an OVO vegetarian. (i eat eggs and honey but no meat or dairy.) i only eat eggs from my pet chickens,
and only organic honey.

P.S. i am becoming a vegan soon, i hope.

Nelly Nelly QLD Posts: 30
3 18 Feb 2015
Thats awesome!! Great to hear from you Okami happy I've got nothing against eating eggs if You know where they come from.

GrizzlyBear GrizzlyBear WA Posts: 5
4 19 Feb 2015
I'm a pescetarian-Vegan meaning I don't eat any dairy/egg/gelatin/honey products or meat (except for fish/prawns). I decided to keep fish in my diet until I can get into tofu so that I have a stable protein source. I'm thinking of switching to only eating scallops/oysters/mussels (great source of protein and I think it's proven they can't feel pain). I respect full vegans, takes a lot of self-control.

Rudy Rudy NSW Posts: 5
5 19 Feb 2015
Hi, I'm just a regular vegan. I refuse to use any animal products.
though there have been times were I've misread the label or forgot to and accidently having honey or a milk product etc.
I understand how much it sucks living around meat-eaters, especially if you want to eat meals with them *tired sigh* the struggle is real

Nelly Nelly QLD Posts: 30
6 19 Feb 2015
Hey happy herbivore, thanks for replying happy That's great, I'm pretty much the same... I just eat eggs from a friends farm. It really is frustrating being around people that have a completely different mindset. So am trying to meet more people like you! If you want, feel free to add me on facebook - Nelly Lakkisova.

I wish you well.

Purple Princess Purple Princess ACT Posts: 64
7 27 Feb 2015
I will send u an email in a private message if you like to talk


HarvestMoon HarvestMoon NSW Posts: 23
8 27 Feb 2015
Hey, I'm vegan as well. I grew up in a house of meat eaters and seem to be surrounded by them where ever I go. Makes me wonder just where do all the vegans/vegetarians hang out as I've not really come across many IRL.

Emmajune Emmajune WA Posts: 4
9 9 Mar 2015
I was a hypocritical vegetarian for 5.5 years. I managed to ignore the dairy and egg industry  until I watched a video on the egg industry. Since then I have been researching into the industries  to become more educated about what I'm supporting, which lead to me becoming vegan. Beforehand I had considered it but refused because
a) I felt all my friends and family would judge me
b) I was worried I wouldn't be able to eat anything as I saw vegan as what I couldn't eat not what I could.
And c) I didn't know anyone else who was vegan so it was intimidating.
Since then I have decided to do what I want regardless of what others may think as animals lives matter more than being accepted my society..  have never felt happier or more at peace. I look at my life and know I am causing the least amount of harm possible.

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