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sydney residents!??

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JadieLaurel JadieLaurel NSW Posts: 4
1 27 Mar 2015
Hey everyone! My names Jade
I'm new to this website happy I would really love to meet people nearby who are like-minded happy anyone living anywhere around syndey or the blue mountains who is interested in the outdoors or vegan living please post! don't be shy ecstatic

Khazlariko Khazlariko NSW Posts: 9
2 30 Mar 2015
Hi, Jade. I am also new here (though, I've browsed the forums before, just never joined up).

I'm at Penrith and love the outdoors.  I haven't done all that much hiking but I'd like to get into more of it, and surely will one day with the right company. My friends are all pretty flaky. Anyway, I do a bit of rock climbing and have had some failed attempts at mountain biking.

Where abouts in Sydney are you from?

Abbiero Abbiero NSW Posts: 31
3 4 Apr 2015
Hello  wave
My name is Abbie! I'm also new here!  I live in South West Sydney and often travel to the Blue Mountains too.  
I'm not vegan but I have been a vegetarian for ten years this year! I don't believe in using cosmetics tested on animals and I run a website selling press on nails - all painted with vegan nail polishes happy !

Udy Udy WA Posts: 8
4 27 Jun 2016
Hi Jade! I live in Perth North, so quite a ways away from you. I have 3 kids and spend a lot of my time trying to find things for them to do when I'm not working at my storage facility. Let us know if you are ever in the area, if you don't mind having 3 small crazies around, we can show you around!

dangordenalbe dangordenalbe NT Posts: 1
5 28 Aug 2016
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