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Vegan shoe shop in Brisbane?

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Arnold1 Arnold1 Australia Posts: 5
1 19 Apr 2015

Looking to switch from non vegan all the way to vegan. The only shoe I have that is non vegan is my work boots which are leather, so they have to go. I no longer need such foot wear so just need a standard business shoe but vegan of course.

There is veganstyle but they are based in Melb so I can't visit their store and get a correct fit as I am in Brisbane. What vegan shoe stores are located in Brisbane (if any)?

Just concernd I won't get the right fit if I order online based on my exist shoe sizes which vary from US 9 to US 9 1/2 for men. So need to vist

thanks for the recommendation.

VeganChick88 VeganChick88 QLD Posts: 7
2 20 Apr 2015
I'm also interested in shoes for me for work. I have to get "leather" style lace ups for my job so I'd be interested if there are any vegan shoe shops in Brisbane or Gold Coast also happy