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Creating animal awareness at school

How I'm getting the word across!

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Miacat01 Miacat01 SA Posts: 20
1 25 Apr 2015
I've started designing my own posters that I plan on taping to my schools doors, windows and walls in an attempt to bring more understanding about animal cruelty into the community. Each poster gives the link to this website and a short slogan to quickly catch anyone who is walking past or sitting on a bench nearby. This is because whenever I talk about animal cruelty in Australia people look at me like:

scared huh scared

I've posted the first four or so to my photo gallery but I've been waiting for them to be approved so they aren't up quite yet but hopefully will be soon. I've sent an email to the principal to ask permission to put up these posters so hopefully I'll get a reply soon. If you're a student at a campus or starting to work in an office perhaps I strongly encourage that you put up posters yourself to spread the word!


This will just be an area for people who have done/ want to do a similar thing and want to share their experiences and so forth, as well as a place for me to write down my progress!


Miacat01 Miacat01 SA Posts: 20
2 25 Apr 2015
My principal has swiftly replied to my email stating:

'Dear Mia

I was delighted to receive your email and to read about the issues of concern.

You have written a well considered opinion and the school would be very happy for you to gently express these ideas around the campus. You clearly have a sensitivity about the values and feelings of the community and an insight into how to challenge our thinking.

My suggestion is that you work with Mrs ******* or the new Deputy Principal Ms *********. I am sure that they will support your awareness raising campaign.

I feel a great sense of gratitude that someone like you is taking on responsibility for a cause that connects so deeply with the school values about reverence and respect. If no one does anything about injustice and cruelty then nothing will change. Well done.

My best wishes with the campaign.'

I've emailed the deputy principal with all my final posters,which still haven't been approved on the site sadly, so I'll be waiting to see how this all works out!

Arnold1 Arnold1 Australia Posts: 5
3 1 May 2015
good luck but kids being kids wont take it seriously and just make fun of it, at least you have the schools support... private school or state school? coed or single sex?

better to try than not at least. there is that. at least you give a damn to try and educate people. And not to miltant or offensive about it.