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Rat Names - I Need Suggestions!

Rodent Rescue

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Abbiero Abbiero NSW Posts: 31
1 16 May 2015
Hi everyone!  happy

Today, my partner and I added a new edition to our fur family.

We were made aware of a very special rat, which was destined to become a snake's breakfast at our local wildlife park.

We brought her home this morning. She only has three legs due to her mother biting her front right leg off at birth. She also is missing her top right lip and has a massive overbite. She looks a little silly, but I think she is adorable.

Now, we need a name for our cute little rat! I'm really not good with girl's name so suggest below!!

Abbiero Abbiero NSW Posts: 31
2 18 May 2015
Too slow guys  laugh hehe!

My partner and I decided to call her 'Bandit' because she is a black hooded rat (black hoodies hehe)!

I'll post some photos later for you all to see! She's so cute!


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