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BioCheese at Coles?

Has anyone found it?

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Stef123 Stef123 VIC Posts: 5
1 24 May 2015
Apparently BioCheese is coming to Coles. Has anyone come across any that have it in Melbourne?    Also has any tried it? I haven't found a vegan cheese I like and thought Cheezely mozarella tasted and smelt like vomit.

Wolfie Wolfie VIC Posts: 1
2 25 May 2015
My local IGA sells it. It's ok- a lot better than other vegan cheeses I've had.

Myria Myria SA Posts: 2
3 28 May 2015
I looooove BioCheese! Definitely my favourite so far. All Coles in Adelaide have it that I've come across so far but they all have them placed in the dairy section with the other cheeses which is confusing so try looking there.

CrucifyYourMind CrucifyYourMind VIC Posts: 1
4 31 May 2015
Coles on Glenferrie Rd has it. It's pretty expensive at $9 for about 200g. Very tasty, although I think its pretty high in salt too.

warriorforanimals warriorforanimals NSW Posts: 25
5 31 May 2015
Never seen them in Sydney. :/

HarvestMoon HarvestMoon NSW Posts: 23
6 5 Jun 2015
Bio Cheese is sold at Harris Farm so check them out if you can't find it at Coles. I've found Coles stores to be really hit and miss as to whether they stock it or not.

MoonMyrrhmaid MoonMyrrhmaid SA Posts: 6
7 10 Jun 2015
biocheese is amazingggggg.... yeah I have tried cheezly white cheddar and wasn't a fan.
If you can find it, Peace Love and Vegetables make a yummy cashew with dill cheese.
I found it in my local healthfood store.

JussyG83 JussyG83 WA Posts: 2
8 19 Jun 2015
Hi, I am also on the lookout for a vegan cheese.. I have tried a few but most of them were terrible.

Will have to see if we have BioCheese at coles here in Perth happy