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Seeta Seeta NSW Posts: 4
1 23 Sep 2015
Hi all

Just wanted to shed some light on NATIO as I was a little confused about why they didn't have 'not tested on animals' on their products...

They answered with this -

thanks for your post. Natio does not conduct or condone animal testing. However, because the laws regarding statements on animal testing vary from country to country, we cannot print our cruelty-free policy on our packaging. We assure you that Natio very firmly opposes the testing of products on animals and neither our ingredients nor manufacturing processes harm animals

So I wrote back this -

Hi, thanks for clearing that up. Though I don't understand what you mean by 'country to country' as I have lived overseas and have bought Australian products that state that they don't test on animals. I assume that Natio either 1. Sell to the Chinese market and/or 2. some of your ingredient suppliers do animals testing - which is why you don't have it your products. Thanks for making it a little clearer to why its not on the bottles. I think I'll just stick to products that do state that they don't test on animals

Not saying I am right in the above - it was just weird that they didn't even have WRITTEN anywhere on their products 'no animal testing'

Has anyone else raised this with Natio?

reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
2 23 Sep 2015
Thanks for this topic also (similar-ish topic to the other people's recent posts about L'oreal). Good to learn more about this.

I wish the 'no cosmetic products tested on animals' consultations of the Labor government a couple of years ago had progressed further to implementing some changes (following from the phase out of the Europeans). Maybe it can be raised again, someday.  


robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
3 23 Sep 2015
According to -

"Meet non-animal testing rule but some products contain animal ingredients or killed insects."

Marija1 Marija1 VIC Posts: 6
4 1 Oct 2015
Let us know what they write back, so sneaky they are.

susy susy VIC Posts: 37
5 3 Oct 2015
I was very confident about using Natio because they have signed PETAs statement of assurance to no animal testing. They can face heavy lawsuits if caught lying.

However the lack of statement on their packaging is rather curious confused confused

LiaMC LiaMC QLD Posts: 1
6 26 Feb 2016
Shocked to discover just now that Natio's lovely perfume (purchased a bottle as a gift for a friend who'd paid a compliment about the "Natio" fragrance I was wearing) states on its packaging: "French fragrance, filled in China." Not a vegan accreditation symbol in sight on the packaging...To my understanding, any product that states any affiliation with China on their label equates to mandatory animal testing. Can anyone confirm Natio's involvement with animal testing? I've been financially supporting Natio for several years - it truly horrifies me that they may not be vegan, after all , as assumed!

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
7 27 Feb 2016
Vegan and animal testing are two different things (according to companies at least)

From Natio's own website -
Q: Are Natio products vegan friendly?
A: Natio is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free as seen at
(according to their website " Some products are suitable for vegans (please check labels).")
The women’s and men’s skin care, body care and eau de toilette ranges are mostly free of animal by-products. However, vegans please note the Restore 10 Minute Moisturising Mask, Wellness Exfoliating Body Bar, Wellness Bath & Shower Gel, Aromatherapy Skin Nutrition Body Lotion, Orange Blossom Hand Wash and Aromatherapy Paw Paw Lip Balm contain honey and/or beeswax.
Natio’s makeup and nail polish range is also mostly free from animal by-products. However, vegans please note some of our lip products may contain lanolin or beeswax and the Natio Lip Colour in Pretty, Blusher in Rouge Glow, Pressed Powder Bronzer & Enhancer, Mechanical Long Lasting Eye Liner in Graphite and some of our eyeshadows contain carmine. The Cream to Powder Foundation, Lash Definition Mascara, Dramatic Lashes Mascara and the Brow Kit contain beeswax.
You will be pleased to know that Natio’s makeup brushes are made with synthetic hair and our mascara wands are made of synthetic fibres.
Please note this may not be a comprehensive list. To check whether a product is vegan friendly, we always recommend you refer to the ingredient listing on our website.All ingredients are detailed on our website, so you can quickly see which of our products are vegan friendly. Simply look up the product and click the “All Ingredients” tab. Alternatively, refer to ingredients lists on product packaging and/or attached to the side of the Natio display stand at your local pharmacy or department store.Be assured, any ingredients that you may identify as being potentially derived from both plant and animal sources, for instance lecithin, tristearin, squalene and glycerine, are certainly derived from plant sources.

As for animal testing. "Natio does not conduct or condone animal testing. We actively support and have been accredited since 1996 by ''Choose Cruelty Free', an Australian organisation screening beauty care companies and helping consumers recognise genuine cruelty-free brands. We assure you that Natio very firmly opposes the testing of products on animals." See :

I've sent a question to CFF about it so I'll post a reply when I get it - might be useful to know what product you brought.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
8 28 Feb 2016
This article  gives a good oversight of China and animal testing.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
9 28 Feb 2016
Looking at these -

It seems to be the usual ingredients in the perfumes, so no animal parts i.e. vegan. As for testing in China I'll have to wait for CFF to get back to me. I think it all depends if Natio sells it's products in China or just manufactures it there.
Update - I see Natio sells in Mainland China via the SaSa shops - see

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
10 1 Mar 2016
I got a reply from CFF -
Wendy Herbert
Office Assistant
Choose Cruelty Free
Natio is accredited by CCF and is currently undergoing re-accreditation to ensure that they still meet our criteria, which includes using ingredients that have not been animal-tested in at least the last five years.

According to our research Natio sells online (not retail) to mainland Chinese consumers, and their products are not available retail in SaSa stores. We sent a secret shopper in to several stores in late 2015 (a friend of mine there on business) and there was no evidence Natio products were available retail.

Animal-testing in China relates to imported products sold retail to mainland consumers. The statement on the perfume bottle tends to suggest that the product was sourced in France and bottled in China, and it’s common practice in the industry to use China for packaging purposes.

If anyone has evidence that Natio is selling product via retail channels in mainland China they should let us know immediately.

I hope this helps, cheers

So it looks like no animal testing too!

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