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Christmas time!!

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x.Tara x.Tara NSW Posts: 357
1 14 Dec 2009
What is everyone getting their pets for xmas??
Lucky is getting a brown teddy bear that has a christmas hat on tongue He doesn't like squeeky toys so we got him a chew rope as well!

Frenzal bop Frenzal bop SA Posts: 778
2 14 Dec 2009
a $250 scratching post tree thing.

x.Tara x.Tara NSW Posts: 357
3 14 Dec 2009
Cool! I forgot to mention he'll be getting BIG lunch too!!

Memma-moo Memma-moo QLD Posts: 98
4 15 Dec 2009
I'm hoping to buy my kitty a new kid's sofa to sleep on during the day, and a shell-shaped swimming pool for Jabba XD.

Jen Jen VIC Posts: 619
5 15 Dec 2009
I'd get my cats something but the probably wouldn't want it.
I get them toys and they either don't play or get scared of it,
I get them a bed, they won't sleep in it.
& they're on special diets! happy
I can give them hugs. LOL.

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me VIC Posts: 280
6 15 Dec 2009
umm they dont get any presents