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Do you know How to Get Rid of Possums?

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elvirakatelin elvirakatelin VIC Posts: 1
1 16 Oct 2015
I have a possum on my roof and I need an immediate help.scared  For a while now me and my family have had scurrying feet noises of possum running coming from the ceilings and walls. The noises are certainly a bit pants-wetting in the middle of the night. laugh

I'm interested in pest control cost and which are the most preferred pest control companies.

All possums are protected under the NPW Act (National Parks and Wildlife Act) and it's illegal to kill or catch and release them if you are not a licensed for this action. I've found this information in the document below, which includes all points of possum removal policy. Because of that I need a licensed company.

When I read this it came to mind that I can avoid the possums in future using possum boxes. Do they work well? I want to find the best way to protect my garden because I have many plants and trees in it. Possums are highly territorial and i think that if I remove the animal, another will come to its place unless the roof is repaired.

So I want to know how much does a good, licensed pest control cost? Do you know how can I calculate the services that I need? I've found prices for rodent removal around $250-$300 on Internet. If I understood correctly, the type of pest determines the cost of the treatment. But there are other factors that increase the price, like the area where we live, the extend of the problem, the access issues, and the type of work that has to be carried out.

Can you recommend me good pest control companies? I want to get rid of these annoying animals once and for all. А friend of my husband lives in Frankston, Melbourne and he told us he used for a pest issues in house. Not that I don't trust him, but I want to know more about the local pest companies before booking a service. This company services Melbourne as well as the surrounding areas, so If you use local pest companies in the same area please tell me.

I love animals, but this possums is getting the best of me so I need it relocated humanely.  beaverhug

reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
2 16 Oct 2015
possum boxes - yes a good idea. put a few around. i know they're so noisy sometimes. all that hissing and scurrying and weird noises. i did try to remember though that they're like one of the minority of native australian animals which have adapted relatively well to us humans coming here. and we're really the interlopers, rather than they. (plus how cute are they.)

still yes, though i know. sometimes we just want to get to sleep. i really hope the possum boxes works for you and your possum neighbours. sorry if this isn't a terribly useful reply. i haven't removed a possum, my dad has done so previously. the possums we had more recently weren't bothering me enough to do anything about it, and now we've moved house and don't have possums here.

good night.