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How do you feel about eating things that you'd expect to be non veg?

eg oreos

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Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
1 23 Nov 2015
Hey guys so recently I've discovered that Dominos garlic bread is suitable for vegans, as are Oreos (I know I know I'm so late to the party!) and while I used to love these things before I went veg, I still feel kinda weird about eating them now even though I know they're suitable? Maybe it's cause I always expected them to contain milk or rennet or other animal products, but I just feel weird about it?
Do any of you guys ever feel the same way? What did you do about it?

Potato Potato QLD Posts: 1
2 23 Nov 2015
I honestly know exactly what you mean, when I made the switch and was checking out to see what was vegan and not and such and found that DOMINOS GARLIC BREAD WAS VEGAN. I flipped.. because I really love garlic bread, but it was honestly weird accepting it was. I felt like I was doing something wrong by eating it, I guess because I always thought it wasn't, yanno? Must be a mental thing.

DaveQB DaveQB NSW Posts: 287
3 24 Nov 2015
Ummm no, sorry. Don't feel what you're saying.
I do get disappointed when something isn't vegan as 99% of things can easily be made vegan with a slight change. We even have vegan meats! happy