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jadehiggins23 jadehiggins23 VIC Posts: 16
1 9 Mar 2016
Hey guys!

I am getting married this year and am looking for a good vegan foundation to wear.

I used to love MAC's face and body foundation, but obviously that sucks - haha. I want a dewy, natural look with light coverage but just evens my skintone.

Please help!

SallyK SallyK VIC Posts: 2
2 11 Mar 2016
There are some really great vegan foundations around - some of my favourites are Arbonne, Face Atalier and RCMA.

The Face Atalier feels a bit heavier than the Arbonne, but is probably closer to the feel of the MAC - they are both liquid foundations. RCMA is a wax based foundation, and there can be a bit of a learning curve in using it correctly.

There's a Melbourne stockist of the Face Atalier in Richmond, but the store is open by appointment only -        

You probably already know an Arbonne Consultant (or 2) but if you don't, and you'd like some samples please let me know and I can help organise something for you.


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