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How common is veganism around your place?

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Isaac Isaac United States Posts: 16
1 9 Mar 2016
Last year when I registered for my Master's degree, only two others of my colleagues were vegans. Then beginning of this year we founded a Vegans' Club at the institution. Encouragingly enough, as at  last week Saturday, we held a meeting and there were 38 members who have registered since January. 12 new member joined that very same day. We are planning on conducting a survey around the town to see just how many more there may be. What are the population figures of Vegans at your institution or locality?

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 10 Mar 2016
In Sweden, 10% vegetarian 4% vegan. I'm one of those 4% happy

EasyRightMaybe EasyRightMaybe VIC Posts: 30
3 12 Mar 2016
I would be very interested to know how many vegans there are in Australia and the world, by city/country etc. Any data that does exist on this subject is probably not all that accurate. I highly doubt veganism is above 2% in Australia and probably closer to 1% if talking 100% strict.

swirVi swirVi QLD Posts: 6
4 20 Mar 2016
I would be really interested in this as well.. I wonder if it'll be in the Census this year? ecstatic  People I know are now starting to ask me loads of questions about going vegan.. Especially people at work who see what I eat every day and see that I definitely don't go hungry! It's becoming socially interesting and easier for people to get into so I would expect the numbers to increase from now on. We still need loads of education as people are totally unaware of how animal byproducts can be snuck into foods (and also kind of forget that leather is from an animal? hahaha) happy

Hannah.banana Hannah.banana VIC Posts: 1
5 23 Mar 2016
I'm currently in highschool, and in my year level (200 girls aprox) theres about 5-7 vegans, and maybe 5-10 vegetarians. Whoo.