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tell the RSPCA NSWthat this is cruel

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 11 Mar 2016
From the petition,
"I write about the cats at 230 Conimbla Road, Cowra. Attached is a photo of the dead cat whose photo I have previously sent you. It has lain in the top part of Richard's property for many days now and has been partly eaten by the other cats in the enclosure."

It sounds also like a public health problem too. I would report it to to your local health authority if the RSPCA do nothing.

Isaac Isaac United States Posts: 16
3 11 Mar 2016
It's so saddening that a problem that only requires a few minutes to solve ha taken them so long. It's also total torture to those  cats in there that have to live with a dead colleague in the same compound.This situation calls for an immediate petition.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
4 29 Apr 2016
UPDATE - 28 Apr 2016 — Today a delegation of RSPCA.NSW Officers, Vets and other cat welfare organisations attended Camp Kitty. They were present from approximately 8am and left at about 6 pm. It appears that many cats were removed from Camp Kitty.
Were the cats removed because of welfare issues?
For some years now the RSPCA has repeatedly stated that there were no welfare issues! I hope that these poor animals will now find much better homes and not simply be euthanaised
Perhaps you can phone RSPCA NSW and ask what will become of these animals.
Their phone no is 02 9770 7555 and email address Sadly there are still cats at Camp Kitty and as in the past, it will only be a matter of time before these unfortunate animals will be suffering as the others have done.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
5 2 Oct 2016
The RSPCA is aware of the claims on the website regarding the welfare of cats.
The RSPCA have conducted inspections of the property and the cats contained upon it, as a result of these inspections a number of cats have been seized for alleged offenses under the Protection of Cruelty to Animals Act and are being held in RSPCA care pending the outcome of court proceedings. The owner of these animals has been charged with a total of 25 alleged animal cruelty offenses and the matter is currently before the courts.
The RSPCA continues to monitor the welfare of animals on the property. Contrary to assertions on if offenses are detected and can be proved then appropriate action will be taken, including seizure of further animals.
As this matter is presently before the courts we are unable to provide further details to the public at this time.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
6 16 Dec 2016
UPDATE- Dec 15, 2016 — Today Richard McCudden, owner of Camp Kitty, faced Cowra Magistrates Court on 25 animal cruelty charges. His solicitor wanted the mater heard under Section 32 of the Mental Health Act but the Magistrate dealt with the matter under the Criminal Code.
He was found guilty, fined and was placed on a good behavior bond for 3 years.
He is subject to ongoing psychiatric and psychological support as he claimed to be suffering from mental illness and from depression.
Also he has to pay the RSPCA NSW legal costs, board and lodging for the cats seized and veterinary care. This is approximately $180,000
RSPCA NSW has been ordered to return 21 cats of Richard McCudden which they had previously taken. Yes, that is correct, the cats are to be returned!! He's also allowed to have no more than 33 cats. This order is for 5 years. Unbelievable? Well maybe many of my petition readers would think so, but this is the Court Order!
So a self admitted mentally disturbed person just convicted of animal cruelty charges has his cats returned. Just another unbelievable but true story and another 33 cats allowed back to their torturer because he claims that the cats are his family and he loves them.

(Unbelievable ...  sad )